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UFC 136 Weigh-In Results

Jose Aldo, Kenny FlorianUFC 136

could end up as the card of the year. Of course, the athletes have to deliver on Saturday night, but on Friday, the 22 fighters made their bouts official, as everyone made weight in the last obligation before stepping into the cage.

Chael SonnenBrian Stann

's rising star. In fact, it's hard to tell what the fans are most excited about.

Clearly though, the fight with the most lead-up is the last fight of the epic rivalry between Frank "the Answer" Edgar and Gray "the Bully" Maynard. Both champion and challenger comfortably made the lightweight title fight limit, checking in at 154.5 and 155, respectively.

"I'm ready to do it," Edgar said. "It's been too long thinking about this kid. I'm all about the anti-bully movement. Let's do it."

"All the pre-fight is done," Maynard said. "Let's have some fun. October 8, baby. Tomorrow, I'm going to get that title."

Kenny FlorianJose Aldo

again on Saturday.

"It's going to be a great fight," he said. "It's the fight I wanted for a long time, the fight that brought me to 145. I've trained too hard and suffered too much to not go home with the title tomorrow night."

Aldo, who went through an excruciating weight cut at his last fight in April, seemed practically joyous this time around, bouncing around and smiling. Both Aldo and Florian weighed 145.

"He's an excellent athlete but I'm very well prepared," Aldo said through an intepreter. "Whatever he presents, I'm going to be twice as good."

Chael SonnenBrian Stann

, who made 186 pounds on his second try after ditching his underwear and weighing in behind a towel.

Main Card

Frank EdgarGray Maynard


Jose AldoKenny Florian

Chael Sonnen (185.5) vs. Brian Stann (186)

Leonard GarciaNam Phan


Melvin GuillardJoe Lauzon


Preliminary Card

Demian MaiaJorge Santiago


Anthony PettisJeremy Stephens


Joey Beltran

(245) vs. Stipe Miocic (236)
Darren Elkins (145) vs. Tiequan Zhang (146)
Eric Schafer (185.5) vs. Aaron Simpson (186)
Steve Cantwell (186) vs. Mike Massenzio (185)