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Fighter vs. Writer: UFC 137 Picks with Brendan Schaub

Brendan SchaubLast time on Fighter vs. Writer, I edged out "King" Mo Lawal thanks to my prodigious prognosticating abilities. It also helped that Lawal had a little too much faith in Kenny Florian, whereas I, ever the hard-hearted realist, bet on his depressing collapse.

But the slate is wiped clean for UFC 137, and this time it's UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub who's agreed to match wits with me. I promise that, unlike Fabricio Werdum, I will not call him out over Twitter for anything he says here. Mostly that's because he's really big and I'm afraid of him, but still.

Without further delay, let's dig into the main card of UFC 137 and make our bold predictions for tonight's action.

B.J. Penn vs. Nick Diaz

Schaub: Penn via decision. "If it's a motivated B.J., it's a different fight. Then there's only one or two guys in the world who can beat him. I think this is the Fight of the Night, for sure."
Fowlkes: Diaz via decision. For all his flaws outside the cage, Diaz is still one hell of a tough fighter inside of it. And unlike Penn, you always know he'll show up motivated, in shape, and ready to go until the final bell. His constant pressure and non-stop motor will make the difference down the stretch.

Matt Mitrione vs. Cheick Kongo

Schaub: Mitrione via TKO. "I'll take my guy Mitrione in this one. I think he's a little too athletic for Kongo. He's going to see that left hand. TKO, second round."
Fowlkes: Mitrione via TKO. I concur. Mitrione is too athletic and too powerful, while Kongo has too few weapons that he deploys too ineffectively. If Kongo makes it the full three rounds, I'll be mildly surprised.

Mirko Filipovic vs. Roy Nelson

No pick. "This is a tough fight because I know both guys. I hear Roy's lost weight and he might be a tough guy to beat at that weight. But Cro Cop sounds like he found the fire. Man, I've got to stay neutral. I'm a huge Cro Cop fan so I'm always pulling for him, but I can't give you a decision."
Fowlkes: Nelson via KO. Schaub, by refusing to make a pick, is putting his faith in either a draw or a no contest. That's nice if you feel the need to stay neutral and not hurt anyone's feelings. I, however, feel no such need. I predict Cro Cop gets knocked out one last time, and I predict many of us feel the urge to get up and go cry in the shower after it's all over.

Scott Jorgensen vs. Jeff Curran

Schaub: Jorgensen via TKO. Schaub, much like the oddsmakers who now have Jorgensen as high as a 5-1 favorite, didn't seem to think this was a very difficult decision.
Fowlkes: Jorgensen via TKO. It's a little sad that Curran is finally getting a shot in the UFC only now, when his body's been beat up and broken down. Jorgensen is a nightmare of a match-up for him, so that doesn't help either.

Hatsu Hioki vs. George Roop

Schaub: Roop via TKO. "Roop's big. I think his size is going to be tough for Hioki to handle, so I'm taking him."
Fowlkes: Hioki via decision. I still think Roop might be the best underdog pick on the card, but in a straight-up pick I'll go with Hioki. Surely, one of these Japanese transplants has to prove himself worthy of the hype, right? Guys? Right?

Schaub picks: Penn, Mitrione, nobody, Jorgensen, Roop
Fowlkes picks: Diaz, Mitrione, Nelson, Jorgensen, Hioki

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