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UFC 137 Live Blog: Cheick Kongo vs. Matt Mitrione Updates

Cheick Kongo faces Matt Mitrione at UFC 137.UFC 137Cheick KongoMatt MitrioneUFC

pay-per-view card at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

Kongo (16-6-2) is coming off an incredible come-from-behind knockout win over Pat Barry at UFC Live in June. Mitrione (5-0) last defeated Christian Morecraft by knockout on the same Versus card.

Round 1: Mitrione is talking to Kongo in the early moments, though neither throws a strike in the opening 45 seconds. Finally, Kongo throws out a cursory jab. Kongo has his right hand cocked but it's attached to his face. And Mitrione is dancing around. Very little in the way of real action early. Mitrione finally throws a swinging right hook that misses and they clinch. Lot of boos as they stalemate their. Kongo is controlling the position with the underhooks until ref Herb Dean breaks them up. Kongo lands a right hand and Mitrione charges forward, missing a straight left. Kongo throws a kick, Mitrione catches it and throws him down. Kongo gets back up, then lands a hard right hand. Best punch of the round. Round ends with very little real offense. I'm calling it a 10-10.

Round 2: Kongo comes out early with some purpose. Right hand, Mitrione responds with a left. Kongo with leg kicks. Kongo has his best moment of the fight with a combo, two punches landing. Mitrione really hasn't landed much yet. Still, he's the one walking forward all the time. Kongo lands. A Mitrione right hook then finds Kongo's jaw. Most of Mitrione's offense comes as a counter to Kongo's stuff. Another close round, but I'll score that one for Kongo, 10-9.

Round 3: Kongo backs Mitrione up early with right hands. Mitrione seems to have no fear though. That's like an invitation for him to come forward. Kongo takes Mitrione down 40 seconds in. Kongo ends up on Mitrione's back, landing punches. Mitrione gets back to his feet. Kongo dumps him down again. He's in Mitrione's half-guard but he's not exactly throwing bombs from there. Mitrione can't get back to his feet. Mitrione tries to roll forward and free, but Kongo corrals him. A pretty lackluster fight ends with Kongo taking the round 10-9.

Winner: Cheick Kongo via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-28, 29-28)

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