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UFC 137: Bart Palaszewski Brutally Knocks Out Tyson Griffin

Bart Palaszewski beats Tyson Griffin at UFC 137.Bart PalaszewskiUFCUFC 137Tyson Griffin

and winning by first-round knockout.

The fight was brutish and short, as Palaszewski got Griffin up against the cage and just unleashed a barrage of punches that Griffin couldn't answer. Eventually one shot knocked Griffin to the canvas, and he was out cold.

"Oh, my God, it's a dream come true," Palaszewski said after the fight.

Palaszewski also said that he hit Griffin's head so hard that he believes he broke both hands.

"I think I broke both my hands, but it was so worth it," Palaszewski said.

For Griffin, it was a very disappointing loss, and it raises questions about what kind of future he has in the UFC: Griffin has now lost four of his last five. But Palaszewski looked tremendous at his new weight of 145 pounds, and he's going to have some big fights ahead.