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UFC 137: Donald Cerrone Submits Dennis Siver

Donald Cerrone beats Dennis Siver at UFC 137.UFC 137Donald CerroneDennis Siver

, hurting him badly with kicks and eventually choking him out on the ground.

A high kick across the chin made Siver stagger around the Octagon early on in the fight, and although Siver managed to hold on for dear life and recover, Cerrone eventually knocked Siver down and got on top of him in back mount, forcing him to tap with a rear-naked choke.


announcer Joe Rogan suggested to Cerrone after the fight that he's nearing title contention, but Cerrone said he's not thinking about that just yet.

"I'm just here to keep fighting. Hell, I want to get another fight in December, so if I could do that it'd be great," Cerrone said.


career overall, and there's every reason to expect big things for him going forward.

As for Siver, it was a disappointing loss just as he appeared to be nearing title contention himself. Cerrone showed that he's on another level.