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UFC 137: Cheick Kongo Beats Matt Mitrione

Cheick Kongo beats Matt Mitrione at UFC 137.Cheick KongoMatt MitrioneUFC 137


Mitrione, a former NFL defensive tackle, and Kongo, a muscular striker, had a fight that was billed as a heavyweight slugfest but turned out to be more of a snoozefest, as both men came out looking tentative and hesitant. But Kongo got the better of the stand-up exchanges and battered Mitrione on the ground in the third round, and that was enough to earn the decision, 30-27, 30-28 and 29-28 on the judges' scorecards for Kongo.

The fans in Las Vegas booed as the fight came to an end.

For Kongo, the win was his 10th inside the Octagon, and it showed that he's still among the better heavyweights in the sport. But it also showed why he's not among the truly elite: His ground game is still rudimentary, and he's often too slow to let his hands go.


fighter yet, and this was not a great fight.