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MMA Link Parade

- Pat Barry and Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic Sing a Duet. [Middle Easy]

- Texas Expands Drug Testing for UFC 136. [Sports Illustrated]

- New Legislation Would Give Wisconsin Towns Power to Make MMA Illegal. [Cage Potato]

- Zoila Gurgel tears ACL, forced to withdraw from Bellator 57 fight. [Five Ounces of Pain]

- The 20 Creepiest Fighters in the Sport's History. [Low Kick]

- More Surgery for Shane Carwin. [NBC Sports]

- Ed Soares: 'We'll Probably End Up Having To Fight Chael Sonnen Twice.' [MMA Convert]

- Joe Lauzon Challenges Anthony Pettis to a February Fight. [5th Round]

- Is UFC 137 Still Worth the Money Without GSP? [Bleacher Report]

- Victor Conte Talks Steroids in MMA & Boxing. [The Fight Nerd]

- Nick Diaz Must Make the Most of His Second Chance. [Sports Illustrated]

- Fabricio Werdum 'For Sure' Wants to Come Back to the UFC. [MMA Mania]

- Update on Fox-Direct TV contract dispute. [MMA Payout]