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Ken Pavia Opens Up on UFC Lawsuit

Last year the UFC filed a lawsuit against Bellator Fighting Championships and MMA agent Ken Pavia, claiming that Pavia gave confidential UFC documents to Bellator.

Pavia, who has since sold his MMA agency, says he didn't give Bellator anything confidential, and that the lawsuit will show that.

"The claim is that I shared confidential and secret information with a competitor that gave them some sort of advantage," Pavia said on The MMA Hour. "Time will tell I didn't. Did I share confidential information? Documents were passed, and we've been very forthright about that, and our contention is that they're a few documents that are readily available to the public. Google them. They're all there. They're all on the Internet. ... I guess I just saved them probably two hours of Googling."

Pavia said some people have assumed he sold the agency because of the suit, but that in reality the vast majority of fighters he was representing at the time stayed with him.

"My reputation took a little bit of a hit, which is unfortunate because a year and a half into it I think I'm going to be vindicated eventually. I feel very confident," Pavia said.

According to Pavia, Bellator didn't even have any use for the documents in question. Eventually, Pavia expects all the facts to come out, although he doesn't know when that will be.

"We're a year and a half in and we haven't even begun discovery," he said. "The American legal process, I guess."