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Matt Wiman Beats Mac Danzig

The first time Mac Danzig and Matt Wiman fought, they went less than two minutes before the referee wrongly stopped the fight, incorrectly believing Danzig had been choked out. When Danzig and Wiman got their long-awaited rematch on Saturday night, it went the full 15 minutes -- with Wiman winning a unanimous decision after a great back-and-forth battle.

The fight was very close throughout, but as it wore on Wiman seemed to be the fresher and more effective fighter, and all three judges scored it 29-28 for Wiman, who cut Danzig with some sharp elbows.

Wiman said afterward that he was nervous about whether the judges would see the fight for him, but thankful they did.

"It feels good to be on the other end," Wiman said. "I'm glad I got it this time. ... I've felt like I've dominated and the judges have seen it differently before, so you never frickin' know."

The win improves Wiman's record to 14-6, and he has now won four of his last five. Danzig, the former Ultimate Fighter winner, drops to 20-9-1, and he has now lost five of his last seven.

"I thought my shots that stumbled him would have been enough in the judges' eyes for the victory," Danzig said. "But I guess he landed more and his rally in the third when he was on top secured it for him. He was just more active than me throughout the fight. I can't complain about the decision ... it's my job to finish the fight."

Both Wiman and Danzig brought it in a very good fight to open Saturday night's UFC on Versus broadcast.