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Dan Henderson Unsigned, but Anderson Silva Rematch 'Only Fight He'd Consider at 185'

<! mediaid=4395157 AP: img vspace="4" hspace="4" border="1" align="right" src="" alt="" />After the expiration of his Strikeforce deal, current light-heavyweight champion Dan Henderson remains unsigned, but is apparently a wanted man.

In recent days, UFC executives including Lorenzo Fertitta have confirmed that the UFC would be interested in possibly having middleweight champ Anderson Silva fight on its upcoming Nov. 12 event, a show that would mark the promotion's anticipated debut on FOX. Some reports have had him potentially facing Henderson.

At this stage, however, nothing is even close to concrete, including Henderson's future. Henderson's manager Aaron Crecy told MMA Fighting that he currently remains a free agent.

"Nothing is signed," he said.

Crecy said that preliminary talks have just begun a few days ago after Henderson returned from vacation. According to Crecy, since defeating Fedor Emelianenko on July 30, Henderson hasn't spent much time thinking about his next home.

That said, Henderson is open to a possible UFC overture, including one as big as headlining the first-ever UFC network TV card. The prospective fight would still depend on a few things, including Silva winning, coming out healthy, and having a willingness to fight again just over two months later. Along with that, Henderson would have to be signed to a UFC deal, something he would clearly consider.

"He's open to going back," Crecy said. "And to face Anderson, that's probably the only fight he'd consider at 185. If they offered it, I'm sure he'd accept that, but that's my own opinion."

Henderson (28-8) turned 41 on Wednesday. In his Strikeforce tenure, he went 3-1, defeating Emelianenko, Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante and Renato Sobral while losing only to Jake Shields. Altogether, he's won six of his last seven.

Back in March 2008, Henderson and Silva faced off in a UFC champion vs. PRIDE champion matchup. Henderson had his moments in the first round, but Silva emerged victorious with a second-round rear naked choke.

Henderson's place in the annals of MMA history may already be safe, but he still finds motivation in challenges, and Silva would certainly present a challenge.

"At this point of his career, he just wants to have good, big fights," Crecy said.

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