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Bellator 48 Live Blog: Rene Nazare vs. Juan Barrantes Updates

UNCASVILLE, Conn. -- This is the Bellator 48 live blog for Rene Nazare vs. Juan Barrantes, a lightweight bout on tonight's Bellator card from the Mohegan Sun.

Fighting for Bellator, the undefeated Nazare (9-0) has defeated Luiz Azeredo and Kelvin Hackney. Barrantes (7-5) is making his Bellator debut coming off a knockout loss to Antonio Carvalho at a W-1 event in Canada last year.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Nazare with hard combos early, backing Barrantes against the cage. He's a huge favorite in this one. The two fighters trading, but Nazare is getting the better of it. After he lands a few shots, they clinch. Nazare lands a shot on the exit. Barrantes already bleeding from the nose. The two trade uppercuts in the clinch until Nazare dumps him on the mat. Nazare landing shots from the top from time to time as he advances to half-guard. Barrantes throws up a triangle but Nazare's out in a flash. Nazare tries a guillotine as the round ran out but Barrantes escaped at the bell. Easy 10-9 for Nazare.

Round 2: Nazare controlling the striking early. A minute in, he ducks under a hook and takes Barrantes down. Working from half-guard, Nazare lands a few elbows. Barrantes is proving a tough out though. He's not threatening submissions from the bottom but uses enough hip movement to affect Nazare's balance and timing. Barrantes gets to his feet with just over a minute left. Nazare drills Barrantes with an uppercut and a hook that both land flush, and then takes him down again with 30 seconds left. Everything but the finish, though it's another 10-9 for Nazare.

In between rounds though, the cageside doctor takes a look at Barrantes and won't allow him to continue due to a swollen shut eye.

Winner: Rene Nazare def. Juan Barrantes via TKO (doctor stoppage), Rd. 2, 5:00

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