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Brock Lesnar Is Back, and That's Bad News for Prairie Dogs

In case you were wondering how Brock Lesnar spent his summer vacation, the fine folks at Fusion Ammo have released this video of him having a sponsor-rific time killing prairie dogs with assault rifles in North Dakota.

Is it possible that they've gone a little overboard with the guitar riffs and explosion effects in this video, considering the fact that they're on a glorified varmint hunt with advanced high-caliber weaponry? A little, yeah.

But God bless him, nothing seems to fire Lesnar up as much as getting out in the great outdoors and killing for fun. And sure, he takes a moment to relax with some hoagies and some beef jerky (also sponsors) and talk about his MMA career, too.

"I believe there's still a bright future in the UFC for me," Lesnar says, after discussing his recent operation and bouts with diverticulitis. "My health is a hundred percent. I feel great. My motivation is there and I want to get on the map again. I want to become the UFC heavyweight champion again and I believe I will do that."

In the meantime, however, he appears to be having a pretty good time bouncing small mammals across the plains with high-powered firearms.

Granted, prairie dogs are considered a pest in many places, so they probably won't be missed too terribly in Selfridge, N.D. At the same time, there's something incongruous about a gigantic man getting so excited about killing rodents from a great distance. Not that there's not skill involved, but when you've got a scope and a shooting rest and the prairie dog has only his dichromatic vision and cooperative social instincts, it's not exactly a sporting contest.

Of course, Lesnar is probably entirely unconcerned with the segment of the population that might be turned off by seeing him pop prairie dogs for fun. After all, he's getting sponsor dollars for this "hunt," and it's not as if he was courting the PETA crowd before this video came out.

Still, when he talks about how shooting prairie dogs gave him a "respect for the smaller stuff" -- and by stuff he means caliber, not the small, furry animal he just decapitated -- do you think he paused at all to appreciate the irony of his own statement? No, me neither.

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