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UFC on Versus 5 Undercard Blog: Dollaway vs. Hamman, Benavidez vs. Wineland, More

CB Dollaway faces off against Jared Hamman at UFC on Versus 5.MILWAUKEE – This is the UFC on Versus 5 live blog for all the preliminary bouts on tonight's UFC card.

UFC on Versus 5 is the promotion's debut in Wisconsin and takes place at the Bradley Center in downtown Milwaukee, the state's largest city.

The preliminary card features eight fights, including a middleweight bout between C.B. Dollaway and Jared Hamman and a bantamweight contest between former WEC champion Eddie Wineland and former title challenger Joseph Benavidez.

The live blog is below.

Edwin Figueroa vs. Jason Reinhardt

Round 1:
No glove touch, but we start anyway. Figueroa takes the center and Reinhardt circles to the right on the outside, then back left. Reinhardt is on his horse, not engaging, and grinning at Figueroa, now talking to him and clapping at him. The crowd is booing wildly. Figueroa finally catches him to throw a partially blocked kick. This has Kalib Starnes written all over it. Figueroa lands a right and drops Reinhardt, then locks in a standing guillotine. Reinhardt is trying to power out of it, and he eventually gets a little slam out of it and winds up on top. He transitions to Figueroa's back and starts to work for a rear naked choke with a body triangle locked on. Figueroa gets out, though, and lands a shot from up top. They stand up, and when Figueroa engages, Reinhardt immediately drops to his back. They stand up again, and Reinhardt lands a decent right of his own. Back on the feet, Figueroa again lands a couple good shots and gets Reinhardt back on the ground, where he proceeds to land some pretty stiff shots from standing. Reinhardt does a somersault and rolls over. He has basically given up and is just laying there as the ref looks at him when the horn sounds. It's a 10-8 round for Figueroa on our card thanks to Reinhardt's running.

Round 2: We're going to do a second round of this thing, and this time they touch gloves. Reinhardt again is on his horse, then shoots when Figueroa engages. There's a scramble, and Figueroa ends up on top in full mount. Reinhardt rolls over and covers up and he's not long for this fight. Pretty quickly, the ref steps in and it's done. So, too, likely, is Reinhardt's UFC career after the running in the first round.

Result: Edwin Figueroa def. Jason Reinhardt, TKO, 0:50 Round 2

Jacob Volkmann vs. Danny Castillo

Round 1:
The legendary Mario Yamasaki gets things going. No glove touch. Volkmann shoots in early and they have a scramble in the clinch, but not much comes from it. They break apart and dance. Decent body kick from Castillo, who shortly thereafter misses a nice high kick. Then he lands an outside leg kick, followed by one on the inside. Volkmann shoots again and gets a soft takedown and looks to pass from half guard. He ties up Castillo's right arm, then works for a side choke. But trying to hold on to that position costs him, as Castillo works his way out and gets top position. Volkmann settles back into guard, then nicely wall walks back to his feet as they clinch up. They separate around 1:50 and move back to the middle. After trading rights, Castillo lands one of the loudest body kicks in recorded history (we think) to Volkmann's left ribcage. But Volkmann survives it and the two wind up in a scramble on the ground. It's a tough first round to score, with each guy looking pretty effective. But MMA Fighting will give it, highly unofficially, to Castillo 10-9.

Round 2: After a few seconds of dancing, we clinch up along the fence. A few traded shots lead to Volkmann on his butt looking for a choke, and Castillo trying to work ground and pound. Yamasaki warns Castillo for holding Volkmann's shorts and says he'll take a point if he does it again. Volkmann wall walks back up, and then Castillo is warned for grabbing the fence, though it looked mild. A weird scramble leads to Volkmann on his back briefly, then on his knees, and he wrestles Castillo to his back and is in half guard. Then work for position, and Volkmann briefly has a choke that he can't lock up as Castillo tries to reverse position. He works for it again, and it's an arm-in modified guillotine. But Castillo will survive the round. Round 2 goes to Volkmann on our card, 10-9.

Round 3: Castillo lands a nice right hand 10 seconds in. Forty seconds later, the next action is a nice inside leg kick from him. They hit the ground briefly, but Volkmann has the edge there before Castillo scrambles quickly out and back to his feet. The crowd cheers the cat-and-mouse game. A short exchange in the middle leads to Volkmann again taking top position on the ground, controlling Castillo's head and neck from half guard. He looks for some short elbows, but mainly this is a control game with Castillo's right arm locked up. Volkmann isn't doing much with the position, and it doesn't look like it's a choke he can lock down from where he's at. Castillo wiggles out, but Volkmann gets to side control and looks for more elbows and again traps an arm and controls Castillo's head. Castillo throws right knees from the ground, but that's all he can do. The crowd is booing what it deems a stalling game by Volkmann. Castillo rolls over, and Volkmann works for his back. But nothing will happen. It's a 10-9 third for Volkmann, and MMA Fighting scores the fight for him 29-28. No doubt some judges will have it 30-27 for him.

Result: Jacob Volkmann def. Danny Castillo, unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Cole Miller vs. T.J. O'Brien

Round 1:
They touch gloves, surprising given yesterday's heated moment at the weigh-ins. These guys are both tall. Not Stefan Struve tall, but tall. We dance for 30 seconds, looking for position. Both throw a few kicks and rights that miss. Miller blocks a high kick and pushes forward, but O'Brien just misses a big uppercut right that has the crowd making one giant "Ooooooh!" sound. O'Brien lands a nice body shot that has Miller thinking that wasn't very nice. And O'Brien then comes forward with a nice combination. He blocks some of Miller's combos a short time later, then checks an outside leg kick. With 90 seconds left, Miller lands a big right, then just misses another but follows it with an outside leg kick. He lands a pair of stiff left jabs, then a third. O'Brien blocks a high Miller kick, then comes forward with a body shot. It's a pretty close first round, but we'll go 10-9 Miller – though it could go either way.

Round 2: We trade leg kicks and look for openings to start the first minute of Round 2. Miller then backpedals to re-set. O'Brien comes forward and has Miller backing up just for a second, but Miller drops him with a left and starts to work kicks from up top while O'Brien lays on his back. But a really nice scramble by O'Brien has him to his feet – but just for a second. Miller dives back in and cranks on a guillotine, and he's got it good. Though O'Brien is trying to get out, he can't and he has to tap.

Result: Cole Miller def. T.J. O'Brien, submission (guillotine), 2:38 Round 2

Alex Caceres vs. Jim Hettes

Round 1
: We touch 'em up with Herb Dean running a tight ship. Crazy scramble has both dudes flying everywhere, and neither doing much. But it looked fun. Hettes gets Caceres' ankle for a second, but Caceres scrambles out and lands a few strikes up top. Hettes is on his back and Caceres keeps diving back in looking for strikes. Eventually, it costs him and he winds up on his back with Hettes up top looking for his next move. The crowd starts to chant "Leeroy!" and maybe it helps – Caceres gets back to his feet and is back looking for strikes from up top with Hettes on his back. But again, they flop positions.On his back, Caceres briefly has a triangle, but Hettes is too skilled on the ground to worry about that. Back on the feet, Caceres nearly lands an illegal knee, but Dean thinks it was OK. Hettes looks for a leg lock, and Caceres falls back into guard. It's a weird first round, but we'll give it to Caceres 10-9.

Round 2: Before anyone really knows what has happened, we've got a scramble in the clinch, and Hettes throws Caceres onto the mat and is looking for a choke. Caceres squirms out, but back on the feet it's more of the same. Hettes has it back to the floor in a tick, and has a body triangle locked on looking for a choke. Caceres gets to guard briefly, but Hettes postures up and lands strikes. Again, Hettes gets a choke, and again he can't finish it. He then grabs an arm, but Caceres gets out and back to his feet, where Hettes will again look for a takedown. He gets it rather easily and is in side control. It looks like Hettes is cleeding, and it may have come from an inadvertent head butt between the two 30 seconds earlier. But on the feet, Hettes pretty easily locks in a rear naked choke, takes Caceres' back, forces him back to the ground, and soon Bruce Leeroy is tapping out.

Result: Jim Hettes def. Alex Caceres, submission (rear naked choke), 3:12 Round 2

Karlos Vemola vs. Ronny Markes

Round 1:
The two biggest guys on tonight's show touch 'em up and we get throwing. They engage immediately and clinch their big selves against the cage. Markes takes this fight in place of Stephan Bonnar, who had a knee injury, and he makes his UFC debut. He's got Vemola pushed against the fence, and the two are trading knees. But Vemola pushes back to break apart, and they both throw some gigantic heavy hands that just miss. Someone's going to hurt someone at this pace. Markes shoots for a double and gets a gentle takedown near Vemola's corner. He'll need to wall walk, and he does so pretty easily. But Markes puts him right back down. Both big men trade short punches from the ground, and with 1:45 left, Vemola gets back up. But Markes puts him right back on his booty. Again Vemola works up, and with 30 seconds left the two stall along the fence. Vemola pushes off, but Winds up on his back again for his troubles. He sinks a guillotine as the round winds down, but Markes only needs to survive a few seconds before the horn. We'll score it 10-9 for the newcomer, Ronny Markes.

Round 2: Vemola throws a big looping right and pushes in, but Markes clinches him up. They break apart and go back to center, where Vemola lands a couple nice shots before Markes, mostly defensively, bullies his way in and pushes things back to the canvas. As strong as Vemola is, Markes looks to be stronger. And once again, when Vemola tries to power up to his feet, Markes quickly neutralizes him and gets it back to the mat. This happens another couple times, shockingly, and with a minute left the crowd responds as if a Bears or Cubs fan just walked in the place. A mostly uneventful Round 2, which is a shame because the start of the fight looked like a slobberknocker was about to ensue. It's 10-9 for Markes in this round, as well.

Round 3: Again we start out looking like guns blazing – and with these guys, they're more Gatling cannons than mere guns. But again, Markes ties things up and keeps Vemola at bay. A minute in, he puts him back on his back in guard. It'll be hard for Vemola to get a finish from there, which is probably what he needs for a victory. Someone in the crowd yells out, "Nobody's watching anymore." He might be right. This fight probably ain't gonna make it to the Versus telecast. Markes continues to control things on the ground, moving to side control, then north-south briefly, then back to side control. Vemola has no answers for it and can't get up. Some members of Press Row check to see how things shook out at the PGA Championship. (Not naming names.) The fight finishes on the ground with Markes doing little in the way of offense and Vemola not able to do much to change the course of things. It's an easy 10-9 round for Markes, and he wins the fight on our card 30-27.

Result: Ronny Markes def. Karlos Vemola, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Ed Herman vs. Kyle Noke

Round 1:
Herman nearly eats a sweet front kick to open. And after another nice kick from Noke, Herman ties him up and bullies it to the mat. But back on the feet, it's Noke who takes things to the ground in front of Herman's corner. Herman looks for a triangle or an armabar, but Noke squares up to defend. Herman briefly has an armbar, then again looks for the triangle and he has it with an armbar. He abandons the triangle to focus on the arm, but Noke gets out and postures up for some ground and pound. As they scramble, Herman again gets an armbar and Noke is doing his best to defend it. He gets out and gets to half guard and lands a few nice short elbows. Noke passes for a moment, but Herman grabs his ankle and starts to torque it and Noke taps when his left knee bends in all kinds of crazy ways it's not supposed to. He remains down on the canvas and is probably gonna need some major help getting out of the arena tonight.

Ed Herman def. Kyle Noke, submission (heel hook), 4:15 Round 1

Joseph Benavidez vs. Eddie Wineland

Round 1:
Back after a short break. And the lights have gone up on the Versus pre-show set with MMA Fighting's very own Ariel Helwani, along with Craig Hummer and Stephan Bonnar, in the distance. Wineland walks to "Danger Zone" from "Top Gun," and Benavidez walks to "Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent, his typical walkout song. Josh Rosenthal brings them together, and we get going. Wineland takes the center, and Benavidez circles outside and throws a leg kick. He lands a short left, but Wineland seems OK. Another leg kick by Benavidez to the outside, then one inside. Wineland has a height and reach advantage of a few inches, but so far that hasn't mattered. He hasn't landed anything in the first 90 seconds. Benavidez lands something to the top of Wineland's head, and he's cut with a couple streams dripping down the left side of his face. Wineland's corner calls for him to let his hands go, but Benavidez lands a few good shots. Wineland's nose is bloodied. Benavidez seems to be eyeing that. Wineland continually wipes the blood from his nose, which may be broken. Wineland is looking for counters, but they're just not there yet. Wineland lands a short left late. But the first round is all Benavidez, 10-9 on the MMA Fighting card.

Round 2: Wineland remaining cautious, not yet letting his hands go, as his corner is asking. He blocks a few kicks, then lands a right. Benavidez pauses and asks for a stoppage, apparently claiming he was hit in the eye. The ref doesn't grant one, and Wineland moves in and lands a few short shots along the fence. Smart move by Wineland to move in when he didn't see Rosenthal call time. Wineland ducks under a shot and lands a short uppercut after they break. Benavidez throws a Karate Kid-style kick, but it's not there. Benavidez looks for a combo, but not much. He lands a right on the way back out. Benavidez shoots, but Wineland stuffs it and they trade knees before splitting apart. Again Benavidez shoots, and again Wineland stuffs it – like the first round of Wineland's fight with Benavidez's teammate Urijah Faber in March. They scramble, and it's Wineland that gets the better of a throw. But Benavidez pops right back up. Wineland's corner calls for him to steal the round and let his hands go. He blocks a kick, then durkcs under a right. Benavidez shoots, Wineland stuffs for the most part. But Benavidez does get it down – and he may have stolen the round with that. It's much closer, but MMA Fighting will give it to Wineland 10-9 by the skin of his teeth.

Round 3: Crucial third round for both guys. Benavidez lands a right, but Wineland counters. Benavidez pushes forward, but can't land. He wobbles WIneland with a right, who then hits the fence, and Benavidez comes in with a flying knee. The knee doesn't seem to do much damage, but it throws Wineland off for a second. But he regroups and takes the center. He eats a left kick to the head and counters with a jab. Wineland ducks under a spinning back fist, but 30 seconds later he eats a left jab. Benavidez fakes a shot, and Wineland easily sprawls for it in preparation. With two minutes left, Wineland will need to develop some kind of quick offense. He blocks a high left kick from Benavidez, then lands an OK right hand. He then catches a kick and lands another right. Benavidez shoots with a minute left, but Wineland sprawls. His corner is calling for him to press hard for a minute. WIth 30 seconds left, the crowd senses that Wineland needs a sick finish and goes nuts for him, but it won't happen. He drops Benavidez with a slip kick at the end. But the third goes to Benavidez 10-9, and he wins this fight 29-28 on our card. Might be a 30-27.

Result: Joseph Benavidez def. Eddie Wineland, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

C.B. Dollaway vs. Jared Hamman

Round 1: We trade some good jabs and kicks to start things out. Dollaway shoots in and gets a light takedown. They scramble out, but Dollaway again gets it down and gets a rear naked choke. He turns it around and has a front choke that looks tight, but Hamman's got an arm in. Dollaway briefly gets to mount when he can't hold the choke, but Hamman gets back in to guard. Dollaway lands two vicious rights from his feet, then on the scrambled restart he nearly takes Hamman's back. But Dollaway has to fall back into guard. Hamman does some good work, though, and is able to get mount for a moment. But Dollaway gets up and out and lands some big bombs that nearly have Herb Dean shutting it down. But he lets it go and Hamman survives the round. It's a 10-9 round for Dollaway on the MMA Fighting card, but a seriously fun opening round.

Round 2: Thirty seconds into the round, a slugfest ensues with Hamman landing the bulk of the shots and Dollaway covering up before shooting. Hamman lands more shots from his feet as Dollaway goes to his back, and then Hamman dives in to side control and lands knees to the body. He gets to his feet and lands some good shots as Dollaway covers up. Dean takes a close look, and Dollaway tries an upkick that just misses. Short elbows from Hamman are on the money. Hamman gets to full mount with more than two minutes left, and he's landing some good shots. Dollaway kicks off the fence to get out briefly, but Hamman bullies his way back to side control, then pins Dollaway's arm down ... and Dollaway scrambles out and nearly reverses. The crowd is going crazy, and Dean is calling for Dollaway to defend himself better. The Hamman shots keep coming, and Dean has to shut it down. It's a great turnaround for Hamman after a tough way to end the first. Great fight to close out the prelims.

Result: Jared Hamman def. C.B. Dollaway, TKO, 3:38 Round 2

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