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Houston Alexander Wins MMA Fight Pit: Genesis Main Event

In a lackluster main event to conclude the first pay-per-view fight card put on by the upstart MMA Fight Pit promotion, Houston Alexander defeated Razak Al-Hassan when the ringside doctor checked Al-Hassan's hand after the second round and ruled that Al-Hassan couldn't keep fighting because of a dislocated finger.

The official result was a second-round technical knockout win for Alexander, but the main event at MMA Fight Pit: Genesis wasn't a great fight for Alexander. There wasn't a lot of action, and the fans in Albuquerque booed during much of the bout.

Alexander has always been known for having power in his hands, and he showed off his power a couple of times by dropping Al-Hassan with a big jab in the first round and again with a right cross in the second round. But Alexander wasn't letting his hands go often enough: He looked tentative for much of the fight and didn't do a lot of damage other than those two big punches. Alexander said afterward that he felt that he had to be cautious after knocking Al-Hassan down because he worried that Al-Hassan would recover quickly.

"Just when you think you've got a guy, he recovers," Alexander said. "I thought I had him but I wanted him to stand back up."

That turned out to be a winning strategy for Alexander, but it wasn't the kind of fight that most MMA fans willing think was worth their money on pay-per-view. It's going to be tough for MMA Fight Pit to make it to a second pay-per-view event.

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