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Junie Browning Way Overweight for MMA Fight Pit: Genesis Bout

Junie Browning, the former Ultimate Fighter bad boy who was cut by the UFC after an arrest in 2009, has his biggest fight since then on Saturday night, on the MMA Fight Pit: Genesis pay-per-view. But if Friday's weigh-in is any indication, Browning still doesn't have his head screwed on right.

Browning weighed in at 162.25 pounds for the lightweight fight, or 7.25 pounds over the limit. A fighter coming in overweight by any amount is unprofessional, but coming in overweight by that much is absolutely inexcusable.

Browning's opponent, Jacob Clark, also came in overweight, at 158 pounds. MMA Fight Pit says both fighters will be fined per pound over 155, although there was no word on how much the fine would be.

All the other fighters on the card made weight, some taking advantage of the two-pound buffer that MMA Fight Pit and the New Mexico Athletic Commission allowed. The full weigh-in results are below.

205 lbs. - Houston Alexander (205 ½) vs. Razak Al-Hassan (204)
135 lbs. - Jens Pulver (136) vs. Coty "Ox" Wheeler (137)
185 lbs. - Jamie Yager (185 ½) vs. "Slick" Willie Parks (187)
155 lbs. - Junie Browning (162 ¼) vs. Jacob Clark (158)
Heavy - Tyler East (240 ½) vs. Prince Mclean (220)
105 lbs. - Angelica Chavez (106 ¼) vs. Diana Rael (105 ¼)

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