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Tito Ortiz Shows True Colors Inviting Wounded Soldiers to UFC 133 Training Camp

<! mediaid=4324582 AP: img vspace="4" hspace="4" border="1" align="right" alt="" src="" />Many people have gotten wrapped up in Tito Ortiz's comeback story over the last couple weeks, and it's probably safe to assume he'll have a solid cheering section at his upcoming UFC 133 bout with Rashad Evans. But it wasn't too long ago that Ortiz was the guy you loved to hate, a brash and outspoken ex-champ who provoked scorn with whatever came out of his mouth.

Ortiz though, seems to be doing everything he can to put the old version of Tito behind. Case in point? How about what he's doing right now?

Ortiz may be in the midst of the most important training camp he's had in years, but despite the abbreviated training cycle of a short-notice fight, he's taken the time to invite in wounded U.S. war veterans to train with him.

As part of a non-profit program called Rehabbing with the Troops, 10 service members traveled to Ortiz's Punishment Training Center in Huntington Beach, California for one week to workout with him.

The aim of the program is highlight the potential of the troops, all of whom are recovering from severe injuries suffered in combat. One of those, Army veteran Chris Miller, suffered a traumatic brain injury while serving in Iraq.

"The biggest thing for me is trying to change to a new life that wasn't the way it was before," Miller told ABC Los Angeles. "So, learning a lot of things over again, trying to learn what I'm capable of."

Working with U.S. troops has always been a cause near to Ortiz's heart. Working with the USO and Armed Forces Entertainment, he's visited troops around the world multiple times.

Even given Ortiz's previous level of commitment to helping men and women in service, he's gone above and beyond the call of duty by inviting them in during what is surely a hectic and massively important time in his professional career.

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