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MMA Link Parade

While you wait for Friday night's Strikeforce: Challengers event to materialize on Showtime, entertain yourself with these links from our friends around the internet.

- Why not watch Mark Munoz do the Dougie? (Middle Easy)

- Jon Jones plans to grow into heavyweight division. (5th Round)

- Fedor Emelianenko takes off for Chicago. (Low Kick)

- Photo Tribute: Punchface revisited. (Cage Potato)

- Jon Fitch really hates Nick Diaz. (Fight Opinion)

- Smooth sailing at Strikeforce: Challengers weigh-ins. (Five Oz of Pain)

- Boston Pizza and UFC Canada enter sponsor agreement. (MMA Payout)

- Ryan Bader technique video. (MMA Convert)

- Jim Miller wants to see how good GSP really is. (MMA Mania)

- Cruz to defend title against Johnson. (NBC Sports)

- The end of Strikeforce? (

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