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Ten Days After Latest KO Loss, Wanderlei Silva Still Mum on Fighting Future

In the aftermath of Wanderlei Silva's knockout loss at UFC 132, we were told the end was likely near for the proud Brazilian fighter. UFC president Dana White seemingly made the decision that Silva's UFC career was at least over, saying that it was "probably the end of the road for Wanderlei," and that he was going to have to "Chuck Liddell him into it," referencing his recent coaxing of Liddell into retirement.

But the one person we have yet to hear from is Silva himself, who has said little publicly since suffering his sixth loss in his last eight fights.

When contacted by MMA Fighting, Silva's manager Rob Cardenas offered no comment about Silva's future, other than to say that any word about it will come from Silva himself.

"Wand is taking time with his family at this point, and when he is ready to issue a statement and/or speak, he will likely do so through his website," Cardenas said.

Currently, Silva is in Brazil for a 10-day vacation, spending time with family and friends he no longer gets to see very often since moving full-time to the United States. In addition, he has a daughter named Rafaela from a previous relationship that lives in a Brazil and will be celebrating her 15th birthday during his visit.

Surrounded by loved ones, perhaps Silva will begin to ponder the possibility of retirement, or perhaps be swayed into competing again. He really hasn't tipped his hand either way, though at least one of his recent Twitter postings might point towards the 35-year-old hoping to continue on with his fight career.

"The true warrior never surrenders," he wrote. "Carry [sic] his cross and never gives up."

The concern about Silva's future comes not only about him losing, but how. In four of his most recent six losses, he's been knocked unconscious. The most recent came on July 2, when Chris Leben finished him in just 27 seconds, the fastest defeat of his career.

For a fighter who was legitimately TKO'd only once in his first 38 professional fights, there has to be concern that it's a trend, as well as for the possible long-term damage he could sustain from brain injury.

For now, White and Silva have yet to meet. In the past, White has been persuaded for one last chance by several fighters, including the aforementioned Liddell, along with Mirko Cro Cop and Tito Ortiz.

Prior to his fight with Leben, Silva spoke to reporters about his physical style and the toll it has taken on his body over the years. The question was asked if he could keep being the same old fighter and stick around for much longer.

"That's a good question," Silva said then. "I'll try."

Days later, it's still a good question, and one with an even murkier answer.

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