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Video: Rad Martinez and 'The Promise'

Rad Martinez is a fighter you may have never heard of. He's never broken into the international MMA scene. He has never fought under the bright lights of a major promotion. Even though he was a collegiate wrestling All-American and teammate of Frankie Edgar's, he isn't a household name.

But the former Clarion University standout -- who is 9-2 on the pro scene -- has a story that is alternately heart-wrenching and uplifting. A 1991 car accident left his father Richard in a near-vegetative state, and since his grandmother's death a few years ago, Martinez has been his primary caregiver, sacrificing time away from his own MMA dreams to tend to his father.

It is an amazing story of loyalty and selflessness, and it's worth a watch. A video of Martinez and his father, entitled "The Promise" is after the jump.

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