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UFC 132 Results: Carlos Condit Knocks Out Dong Hyun Kim

Carlos Condit throws a flying knee against Dong Hyun Kim.In a quick and thrilling ending to the first fight on the UFC 132 pay-per-view card, Carlos Condit delivered a first-round knockout to Dong Hyun Kim on Saturday night.

After a few minutes of fairly even fighting, Condit got creative with his striking, unleashing a flying knee to Kim's chin, knocking Kim down. From there Condit pounced, got on top of Kim and finished him off with punches. The official time of the ending was 2 minutes, 58 seconds of the first round.
"I feel excellent," Condit said. "I stuck to the game plan."

The win establishes Condit as a welterweight title contender, and Condit wasn't bashful after the fight about saying he thinks that's exactly what he deserves.

"Am I ready for a title shot or what?" Condit said. "I certainly hope so."

Condit may just be ready. He's now 27-5, on a four-fight winning streak and has finished three straight opponents by knockout or technical knockout. He's a force in the welterweight division, and he may just be a future champion.

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