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UFC 132: Melvin Guillard Brutally Knocks Out Shane Roller

UFC 132: Melvin Guillard Brutally Knocks Out Shane Roller.Forty fights into his professional mixed martial arts career, Melvin Guillard looks better than ever.

Guillard knocked out Shane Roller in brutal, decisive fashion Saturday night at UFC 132, winning his fifth consecutive fight and making a strong case that he deserves to be considered among the future title contenders in the UFC's lightweight division. Guillard is a great talent whose career was nearly derailed by drug problems, but he said after the fight that he thinks he's in the best place he's ever been.

"I felt great," Guillard said. "I've been training hard, and I'm kind of feeling emotions right now because my whole life I've battled so much. And now I'm coming back to the top of my game, my life is in order, and it's a great feeling to be feeling like this."

Guillard landed a hard left hand to Roller's face that knocked him down and pounded him a couple more times on the ground. Roller briefly got back to his feet, but Guillard hit him with a knee and another punch to knock him down, and then a couple more punches on the ground to knock him out.

Although he said after the fight that he won't ask for a title fight, Guillard would be completely justified in making that request: He's getting close to the top of the lightweight division.

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