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Rafael Dos Anjos Knocks Out George Sotiropoulos in a Minute

Rafael dos Anjos knocks out George Sotiropoulos at UFC 132.George Sotiropoulos entered 2011 appearing to be on the verge of a lightweight title shot. Now he's on a two-fight losing streak, and at UFC 132 he suffered the most brutal loss of his career.

Rafael dos Anjos took care of that on Saturday night, landing a right hand directly to Sotiropoulos's chin that turned his head and sent him flat on his back with his eyes rolling up into his head. Referee Yves Lavigne quickly jumped in and stopped the fight, and that was the right decision: Sotriopoulos was out of it.

The whole fight lasted just 59 seconds.

For dos Anjos, it was a big win in his first fight in nearly a year, and the kind of victory that serves as a reminder that when he's on his game, dos Anjos is a threat to finish anyone, either by knockout or by submission.

For Sotiropoulos, it's back to the drawing board: The year 2011 was supposed to be something of a coming out party, but it's been a disappointment. And there's not much more disappointing than getting knocked out in less than a minute.

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