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UFC Results: Matt Brown Beats John Howard

Matt Brown entered Sunday's UFC Live event on a three-fight losing streak. John Howard entered on a two-fight losing streak. Both men were looking at a situation where they may have needed a win to keep their spots on the UFC roster.

Which may mean Howard is out of a job.

Brown beat Howard by unanimous decision Sunday after 15 minutes of close, back and forth fighting, and although it wasn't a thrilling fight, it was enough for Brown to save his job in the UFC. Howard will have to be anxious this week as he wonders if he'll get another chance inside the Octagon.

"I just had fun," Brown said afterward. "Mad props to Howard -- what a f**king warrior he is," Brown said before realizing he had just sworn on live television and asking not to be fined.

Whether Brown is fined or not, at least he can be confident that the win saved his job. Brown hadn't won a fight since beating James Wilkes in 2009.

The win improves Brown's record to 12-10. Howard falls to 14-7.