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UFC on Versus 4 Live Blog: Rick Story vs. Charlie Brenneman Updates

This is the UFC on Versus 4 live blog for Rick Story vs. Charlie Brenneman, a welterweight bout on tonight's event at the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh.

Story (13-3) has one his last six fights and just a month ago defeated Thiago Alves. Brenneman (13-2) lost his spot on the card earlier this week when opponent TJ Grand had to bow out due to illness. However, with Nate Marquardt failing his medicals, Brenneman agreed to step in to face Story. Brenneman is coming off a decision win over Amilcar Alves at UFC Fight for the Troops 2 in January.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Brenneman rushes in quickly for a takedown but Story ends up slamming him down. Back to their feet, Story crowds him against the fence and lands a knee to the legs. Brenneman pushes Story against the cage as they continue to jockey for position. Each man lands a right hand as they break. Brenneman takes him down moments later, but Story uses the momentum of the big move to get to his feet. Brenneman lands a straight right, then puts Story on his back. Brenneman moves to side control with half the round left. Story regains guard 30 seconds later. Brenneman with body shots from the top as Story tries to tie him up and force a standup. Brenneman isn't able to land big shots, but he does enough to keep the position and ride out the round. It's 10-9 for Brenneman.

Round 2: Brenneman takes Story down in the opening 15 seconds. Story tries a guillotine. Brenneman works free and they scramble back to their feet. Story lands a punch and knee against the fence, but Brenneman explodes in for a shot and takes Story down again. Three minutes left. Brenneman is in Story's guard. Brenneman grinding from the top. Story tries to get up but Brenneman keeps him planted. Story hunts a guillotine from the bottom. Brenneman free and fires off some body punches from the top. Brenneman moves to side control, but there's not enough time to work from the position. Brenneman wins the round again, 10-9.

Round 3: Story comes out with urgency with aggressive striking. Brenneman ducks low and drives for another takedown. Story looks for an arm bar, then switches to a kimura. With them stuck in that position, referee Mark Matheny breaks them up. Brenneman moves for the takedown, Story tries a triangle from his back. It looks tight but Brenneman works out of it. Story re-adjusts. Story can't finish it. Story ends up on top against the fence. Story lands left hands. Story ends up in full mount. Brenneman tries to tie him up. Less than a minute left. Story leaves space and Brenneman gets free. Story goes for a kimura again. Clock winding down. Story takes the round but Brenneman is going to upset Story. Judges cards to come.

Winner: Charlie Brenneman via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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