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Dana White Tells Nate Marquardt to 'Man Up'

The reason that Nate Marquardt failed to pass his required medical examinations remains murky, but one thing is clear: UFC President Dana White is not happy about it.

White said on the UFC Live pre-fight show on Versus that he's angry at Marquardt for failing to adequately address the issues that the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission told him to address, and that Marquardt should come clean with UFC fans about what, exactly, those issues are.

Both White and a Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission official said they were legally prohibited from offering details about Marquardt's pre-fight medicals.

White said that the Pennsylvania commission is "the best commission in the United States," and that its privacy rules are strict, meaning Marquardt's medical issues won't be revealed unless Marquardt himself reveals them.

"Nate Marquardt's gonna have to man up and come out and tell the world why he didn't pass his medicals," White said. "When he does that I think everybody is going to understand why he was cut from the UFC."

White said he believes in second chances, but he doesn't expect to give Marquardt another chance.

"I think it's pretty clear to the fans and everybody else that I'm pretty disgusted with Nate Marquardt. He's been cut from the UFC, he won't fight in the UFC ever again," White said. "Bottom line is, what Nate Marquardt's thing is, it's bad enough to be cut from the UFC."