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UFC 131: Sam Stout Knocks Out Yves Edwards

With a vicious left hook to the head, Sam Stout knocked Yves Edwards cold and finished their fight in violent fashion on Saturday night at UFC 131.

Stout and Edwards were both throwing punches at each other, and although Edwards' right hand landed first, he didn't get it back in time to protect himself, and Stout's left hand connected cleanly to the side of Edwards' head. Edwards dropped straight to the ground, out cold before he hit the canvas. The back of Edwards' head also hit the ground, but Stout, in a classy move, stopped immediately and didn't subject Edwards to any further damage.

"That overhand left always works great for me against left handers," Stout said after the fight. "It worked out for me tonight."

In a scary scene, Edwards was out cold and on his back inside the Octagon as Stout celebrated his victory. He'll likely be taken to a Vancouver hospital for further examination.

The win improves Stout's record to 17-6-1. It was Stout's first knockout in the UFC.