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UFC 131: Dave Herman Beats Jon Olav Einemo In Heavyweight Brawl

Dave Herman TKOs Jon Olav Einemo at UFC 131.In a highly entertaining heavyweight brawl at UFC 131, Dave Herman came back and finished Jon Olav Einemo with knees and punches to win by second round technical knockout.

It was the UFC debut for both men, and it was a performance that thrilled the fans but also showed that both fighters have some limitations.

"I'm a little tired," Herman said as he gasped for air afterward. "I was just trying to land something."

Einemo is a great submission grappler who wanted to take the fight to the ground, and Herman did a good job in the early going of avoiding takedown attempts and staying on his feet. But when Herman threw a body kick midway through the first round, Einemo caught it and put Herman on his back. From there Einemo easily transitioned from half guard to side control, but Herman did a great job of getting back to his feet without taking much damage.

Early in the second round Einemo started hurting Herman with punches to the face, and as Herman backed away it appeared that Einemo would go in for the kill. But Herman did a great job of slowing Einemo's progress down, and eventually it was Herman who hurt Einemo with big knees and bigger punches to the face, knocking Einemo down and repeatedly bashing his face until the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Herman improves to 21-2 in his MMA career, and he could develop into a solid member of the UFC's heavyweight division. Einemo falls to 6-2, and this might have been both his first and last fight in the UFC. At age 35, Einemo can't take many more brawls like this one.