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TUF 13 Finale Undercard Live Blog: Stephens vs. Downes, Jorgensen vs. Stone, More

Jeremy Stephens faces Danny Downes at TUF 13 Finale.This is the TUF 13 Finale undercard live blog for all the preliminary bouts in support of tonight's Spike TV card from the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

There are six bouts on tonight's prelims: Reuben Duran vs. Francisco Rivera, Josh Grispi vs. George Roop, Jeremy Stephens vs. Danny Downes, Scott Jorgensen vs. Ken Stone, Justin Edwards vs. Clay Harvison and Shamar Bailey vs. Ryan McGillivray. All six undercard fights will air on Facebook at 6:30 p.m. ET.

The live blog is below.

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Reuben Duran vs. Francisco Rivera

Round 1:
We start with a couple of bantamweight bouts. We dance for the first , 30 seconds, then a shoot from Duran. But Rivera locks in a guillotine, and it looks close. But Duran finally slips out of it, leaving Duran on top looking to posture up in Rivera's guard. They work their way to their feet, and Rivera again works for a guillotine as Duran throws body shots to get his head out. Duran finally bullies Rivera to the cage and the two trade body shots in the clinch, then some good clubs to each other's heads. Then traded high elbows, then knees. Duran throws an uppercut in tight, but Rivera answers. They stay clinched against the fence, but both are working as Herb Dean looks in. Rivera again sinks in a guillotine, but Duran slams out of it and gets to half guard, looking to pass to side control. It's not there, and Duran locks in a guillotine of his own as Rivera tries to get to his feet. Rivera gets out, though, and with 30 seconds he begins workin gsome good ground-and-pound from on top. It's a really fun back-and-forth first round, but MMA Fighting will score it narrowly for Rivera, 10-9.

Round 2: Early kick from Duran, then a couple nice jabs and a roundhouse right that is blocked. The two fire off a couple bombs, and Rivera tags Duran and stumbles him. After a few traded jabs and uppercuts, Duran catches Rivera with an accidental low blow and Rivera takes a breather. Duran comes in with a big shot, but Rivera once again sinks in the guillotine in defense. After 20 seconds of squirming, Duran gets out and is on top. After some ground scrambles, Duran works his way to a late rear naked choke attempt, but Rivera survives the round. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Duran.

Round 3: We trade jabs for 1 minute, looking for position before Duran scores a big takedown. He passes to side control, then takes Rivera's back with a rear naked choke. It doesn't take long, and Rivera is forced to tap.

Result: Reuben Duran def. Francisco Rivera, submission (rear naked choke), 1:57 Round 3

Scott Jorgensen vs. Ken Stone

Round 1:
Jorgensen is just one fight removed from co-main event status in his bantamweight title loss to Dominick Cruz. It's a bit shocking to see him this far down on the car. He's a heavy favorite, but to start he's playing defense from Stone's kicks. Jorgensen ducks under a right, then checks a kick. Then he fires back with a couple jabs that find a home. Stone lands a nice left kick to the body, then hits with a 1-2 combo. Then he lands a right to Jorgensen's head. Jorgensen regroups and lands a right of his own. Stone's reach is working well for him so far, and he then lands a couple kicks that have Jorgensen shooting in to clinch. Jorgensen's corner is unhappy with him, and as they split he eats a few more punches from Stone. With two minutes left, though, Jorgensen lands his first takedown. Stone works for a triangle, and Jorgensen wriggles out. Then Stone narrowly misses a couple upkicks. After another takedown when Stone tried to get to his feet, Jorgensen throws a right from guard that connects on the button. A left and right follow it up, and Steve Mazzagatti shuts it down.

Result: Scott Jorgensen def. Ken Stone, knockout, 4:01 Round 1

Justin Edwards vs. Clay Harvison

Round 1:
Edwards opens with a kick, then the two trade some bombs that miss before clinching up. AFter a fence scramble, the fight hits the mat with Edwards on top. Harvison gets back to his feet as Edwards looks for an awkward armbar that doesn't work. On the opposite side, Edwards again manages to work things to the mat momentarily. And as Harvison tries to work back up, Edwards again brings it down. Edwards looks for a guillotine, but Harvison slips it and gets back to standing, looking for knees. He tries a Thai clinch with a knee, but Edwards scrambles forward and gets a takedown. After Harvison again works back up, he gets the better of an exchange. But the result is Edwards grabbing a leg. He can't keep it locked up, though, and after another ground scramble he has to fend off a Harvison triangle. With 10 seconds left, Harvison dives back for a guillotine, but that's where the round ends. It's a very tight first round, but MMA Fighting will give the nod to Edwards.

Round 2: A nice right from Harvison is followed by a right from Edwards. But perhaps a little tired from a pretty hard-core first round, the two stall on the cage and trade a few mild shots of little consequence. Halfway through the round, then split and Edwards lands a serious spinning back kick to Harvison's midsection. Again they clinch on the fence. Harvison attacks on the break and lands a nice right. Then another. But again Edwards comes with the spinning back kick to the body. Then he ducks under a 1-2 as Harvison is forced to tie things back up. Harvison lands a right that drops Edwards, but he pops back up and throws another spinning kick that just misses. It's another close round, but we'll hand a slight nod to Harvison, 10-9.

Round 3: Round 3 time, and the two TUF housemates touch gloves. Harvison lands a serious right out of the gate and Edwards falls. Then he gets back up and they throw with reckless abandon before Edwards shoots. Harvison gets back up and looks for a knee. It's clear these two might have been told they could win nice bonuses for Fight of the Night. Harvison this time pushes it to the mat and looks to lands elbows from on top. Edwards looks gassed as Harvison tries to pass guard. Edwards throws up a triangle attempt, but Harvison lands a nice right after posturing up. Finally, Edwards scrambles to his feet. They trade jabs, then Edwards shoots and gets a soft takedown. It's his turn to look for ground and pound up top as Harvison struggles against the fence to wall walk. He gets back to his feet with 100 seconds left in the fight, and at 1:30 they separate in the middle and trade knees and jabs. It's clear that both fighters are pretty wiped out. Edwards bullies himself to a takedown, then takes Harvison's back and latches on, looking for a rear naked choke. He can't hang on, and Harvison briefly has top position before Edwards lands a nice shot to get out of there and land another takedown. The third goes to Edwards on our card, 10-9, and we'll give him the fight 29-28 – though it could go either way.

Result: Clay Harvison def. Justin Edwards, split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Shamar Bailey vs. Ryan McGillivray

Round 1:
Our second TUF 13 vs. TUF 13 bout features one of the season's favorites heading in. Bailey trains with Chris Lytle and Matt Mitrione in Indianapolis, and he's the betting favorite. Bailey comes out quickly, looking to push the pace. McGillivray throws a right, but Bailey lands a thudding takedown. From the top, he looks to pass and gets to side control. As McGillivray gets up, Bailey lands three consecutive knees, but he can't finish. A small "USA!" chant starts up – McGillivray is from Canada, one of just two non-American fighters on tonight's card. Bailey gets frustrated that McGillivray is not engaging him and throws his hands up and gestures for his opponent to come forward. He then gets the fight to the ground and works around to side control without much problem at all. Bailey ultimately lets McGillivray back up with a minute left. Bailey lands a nice body kick, then gets a single-leg and a takedown as the round ends. It's an easy 10-9 round for Bailey on the MMA Fighting card.

Round 2: Left-right from McGillivray to start. Then he stuffs Bailey's takedown attempt. McGillivray's corner is telling him his punches are there for him "all day," so Bailey takes him down. Working from half guard, Bailey controls McGillivray's head from the top and lands a big right. The scramble, but Bailey is having very little trouble controlling things on the floor. As McGillivray pushes Bailey off, Bailey reels back with a right from the top. Bailey is going about the ground game very leisurely and gets to side control. McGillivray's foot gets caught up in Bailey's shorts and the ref sets it free. The round finishes on the ground with very little action. But it's still an easy 10-9 for Bailey.

Round 3: McGillivray comes with a right high kick that Bailey has to block. But McGillivray lets the fans know he wants to be in this fight with a few decent shots ... before succumbing to another Bailey takedown as a chorus of boos rains down. Bailey gets to side control again. He controls the action from there as McGillivray scrambles. But Bailey isn't doin ga ton with the dominant position. Back on the feet, Bailey has a brief guillotine that goes nowhere, and with 3 minutes left they break apart and restart. McGillivray stuffs Bailey's takedown attempt, but 15 seconds later he can't do the same. On the ground in side control, Bailey again "works," but there isn't much there and the crowd's collective patience is wearing thin. With 45 seconds left, McGillivray gets to the feet. He gestures to Bailey, and Bailey gestures back. Too little too late, though. Bailey wins the third 10-9 and the fight 30-27 on our card, though he probably didn't make many fans in the process.

Result: Shamar Bailey def. Ryan McGillivray, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Josh Grispi vs. George Roop

Round 1:
Grispi comes forward early and forces his way to a takedown. Roop's back is against the cage and he ties up Grispi's neck and looks to wall walk. Grispi goes for Roop's left arm, looking to straighten it out. He gets to side control and is right in front of his corner. Roop fights his way back to his feet, but Grispi is hanging on and gets it back to the ground again. Roop is working elbows, though to little avail. Grispi works his way to moutn, then looks for a guillotine. Then he tries to move around to Roop's back. Roop gets to his feet and has Grispi's neck, but it's not tight. With 90 seconds left, they break. Both land some shots on the feet, but Grispi again moves the fight to the wall and tries to get it to the ground. A Roop foot stomp comes down, and he then gets it to the ground and is on top landing some decent punches and elbows with 30 seconds in the round. He may have made it tough on the judges with that late bit of offense, but MMA Fighting gives a 10-9 round to Grispi.

Round 2: A big punch from Roop drops Grispi right away, and Roop pounces as Grispi falls back into guard. Roop catapults his feet to the cage as he tries to pass and gets to side control. He works ground and pound right in front of Grispi's corner as Grispi gets back to full guard. Roop lands a few more shots as Grispi struggles to find a away out with half the round still to go. Roop gets Grispi's back, but so far Grispi is defending just enough and gets back to guard. More elbows to the head and body come flying down from Roop. Grispi again tries to scramble out, but Roop has none of it. It's a dominant round for Roop, and he'll get it 10-9 on our card.

Round 3: Two nice side kicks, then a teep from Roop open things up. Then a leg kick. Then a flurry and another kick. Grispi's corner yells that he can win the fight going forward, and soon after he catches a Roop kick and uses it for a takedown. Roop looks for a triangle, then quickly gets to his feet. Grispi quickly shoots, and Roop finds his back against the fence on his butt. Herb Dean stops for Grispi's dropped mouthpiece, and then Roop gets back to his feet. Again, though, Grispi's mouthpiece comes out and he's warned by Herb Dean. Roop puts together some more nice offense on the restart, but catches Grispi with a low blow. Grispi takes a short breather ... but on the restart, Roop just keeps coming and keeps coming, and then lands a massive right to the stomach that drops Grispi immediately. It's a huge knockout body shot from a +400 underdog.

Result: George Roop def. Josh Grispi, TKO, 3:14 Round 3

Jeremy Stephens vs. Danny Downes

Round 1:
Early offense from Stephens with a jab and a kick that leads to a clinch. They break apart and Stephens throws another outside leg kick. Downes looks for knees and muscles it to the cage. Stephens quickly reverses position, and then backs out of there. A nice uppercut inside by Stephens lands, and again they go to the cage. They split apart and trade kicks and jabs before Stephens lands a couple nice knees along the fence. Back inside, Stephens lands a nice uppercut, then a right as they separate. He's definitely getting the better of Downes in the striking department. Downes comes forward, though. Still, it's a pretty clear 10-9 round for Stephens on the MMA Fighting card.

Round 2: Another early striking start for Stephens, landing several clean jabs. Downes pushes it to the cage, then lands a short elbow. Stephens switches position, but Downes gets the fight to the ground and has a guillotine in – but Stephens' arm is in, and he defends it and escapes. Downes now has to work from his back in guard, and as Stephens postures up, Downes nearly lands an upkick. But Stephens finishes in side control and gets Downes' left arm and is bending it back at just a horrible position. Though Downes is miraculously not tapping, Stephens lands a giant elbow to his head. But Downes gets to his feet and the crowd loves him for it. Shortly after, Downes lands a kick too low, and Stephens takes time. Body kicks come from each. Downes is bouncing around nicely given that he almost had his arm ripped off two minutes ago, then nearly had his head driven through the mat with an elbow. Stephens pushes in and gets a nice takedown right in front of his corner. He passes to side control and finishes the round holding on. We'll give the round to Stephens 10-9.

Round 3: Another early takedown for Stephens, but the fight pops back up quickly. Downes surely knows he needs to end the fight if he wants a win. Downes has a big cut near his left eye, and there's a good amount of blood. Stephens picks him up and carries him across the cage for a Matt Hughes-like slam, right in fornt of his corner. Downes gets back up, though, his face covered in blood. After a short exchange, Stephens again brings it to the ground. Again, Downes works his way up with Stephens hanging on to his back. Downes breaks it off with 90 seconds left, and he'll need a miracle. But another Stephens takedown ends those thoughts for now. Downes looks for a triangle, the only thing that can save him now. Stephens lands a few more elbows from up top. We'll give the last round to Stephens 10-8 (and really the second could've gone that way too), and the fight to him 30-26.

Result: Jeremy Stephens def. Danny Downes, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-26)

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