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UFC 130: Travis Browne Knocks Out Stefan Struve

Travis Browne knocks out Stefan Struve at UFC 130.With an explosive punch in the first round of a hard-hitting heavyweight fight, Travis Browne knocked out Stefan Struve at UFC 130.

Browne connected perfectly with a right hand Superman punch to Struve's chin, knocking Struve straight back, and he was already out before he even hit the ground. Browne pounced on Struve on the ground before referee Steve Mazagatti was able to step in, but that wasn't necessary: The fight was over as soon as Browne connected with his right hand, 4:11 into the first round.

"That's what we do, that's what we train every day," Browne said afterward.

The win improved the 29-year-old Browne's record to 11-0-1, and demonstrated that he's a big, powerful heavyweight who should have some big fights ahead of him. Struve, who falls to 21-5, needs to go back to the drawing board and work on his striking defense: Although Struve is an exciting fighter, he gets hit too often, and too hard. This was the third time in his UFC career that he's been knocked out in the first round.

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