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Brian Davidson Submits Jens Pulver in the First Round

Jens Pulver is a former UFC lightweight champion and one of the classiest fighters the sport of mixed martial arts has ever seen. But at age 36, he just doesn't have it anymore.

That was on display once again when Pulver fought Brian Davidson Friday night on a Titan Fighting Championships card, as Pulver tapped out to a rear-naked choke in the first round, for his seventh loss in his last nine fights. The stoppage officially came at 4 minutes, 4 seconds of Round 1.

In fairness to Pulver, it should be noted that he did start fast, and he appeared to be hurt by an illegal kick to the head on the ground that Davidson landed. But the bottom line is Pulver simply isn't a good fighter anymore.

"It was his night -- I'm not going to take anything away," Pulver said afterward. "He deserved it. He came out like an animal. You should all be proud of him. Damn, I am."

Pulver acknowledged in his post-fight interview that many of his fans want him to quit, but Pulver said that's not going to happen.

"I'll retire when I want to," Pulver said.

The co-main event of the Titan card was a debacle, as UFC veteran Jake Rosholt brutalized John Ott for the better part of three rounds, turning Ott's face into a bloody mess. But Rosholt stupidly bashed Ott in the head with his knee while Ott was on the ground, knocking Ott senseless, ending the fight and resulting in Ott winning by disqualification.

The Titan undercard featured a number of mismatches, with four fights being finished in the first round: Rudy Bears needed just 3:30 to submit Darryl Cobb with a rear-naked choke. Jared Rosholt took 1:37 to take Kirk Grinlinton down and pound him out. Joe Wilk submitted Jesse Zeugin with an anaconda choke at 3:36 of the first round. Sean Wilson got Deryck Ripley to tap to a toe hold after two minutes.

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