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MMA Link Parade

Time is running out before the rapture brings our world crashing down around us, or so some people say. Might as well spend these last few hours reading these stories from our friends around the internet.

- Read the first 50 pages of Brock Lesnar's book for free. (Middle Easy)

- Jon Jones remains mum on Rashad Evans. (Sports Illustrated)

- Cris Cyborg, world champion, still can't get a fight. (Cage Potato)

- On vacation with Phil Davis, Joey Beltran, and Travis Browne. (LowKick)

- The good, the bad, and the weird. (NBC Sports)

- Tim Kennedy offers to fight Michael Bisping for charity. (5th Round)

- Little Nog talks Rich Franklin fight at UFC 133. (The Fight Nerd)

- Frank Mir says he'd be Cain Velasquez's toughest challenge. (MMA Mania)

- Why we need Chael Sonnen. (MMA Convert)

- Chris Horodecki working hard to get to the big show. (Bleacher Report)

- Fighters know who to thank for UFC insurance policy. (Sports Illustrated)

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