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FightMetric Stats Glossary

Record – The number of wins, losses, draws and no contests in a fighter's career in UFC, WEC, PRIDE, DREAM and Strikeforce.

Fighting Style – The data in this chart is based on a fighter's available data in three categories: strikes landed, takedowns landed, and submissions attempted per minute. A fighter's numbers are divided by the averages in each category and the resulting percentages are normalized to a proportion of 100 percent.

Strikes – These striking statistics refer to the number of significant strikes. This number includes all strikes at distance and power strikes in the clinch and on the ground. It does not include short strikes in the clinch and on the ground.

Takedowns – A takedown is awarded when a fighter deliberately grapples his opponent to the ground and establishes an advantageous position for an appreciable amount of time.

Passes – A pass is scored for each incremental positional advancement on the ground, e.g., a move from side control to mount. The advancing fighter must establish the new position for an appreciable amount of time.

Submission Attempts – This reflects the number of actual submission holds applied. It does not count movements that only seek a submission, e.g., a fighter on bottom who swings his hips for an armbar but does not lock the arm and apply force.

Reversals – A reversal is scored when the bottom fighter actively moves to establish top position, without his opponent getting back to his feet in between.

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