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MMA Link Parade

It's Friday. You're bored, anxious for the weekend to start, maybe a little nauseous. Solve at least one of those problems with these links to great articles from our friends around the internet.

- Ariel Helwani's official MMA rankings. (NBC Sports)

- Wanderlei Silva says he has ten more fights left. (Middle Easy)

- Jose Aldo had an infection prior to UFC 129. (5th Round)

- Randy Couture content with retirement. (Sports Illustrated)

- Jon Fitch feels like a million bucks after surgery. (MMA Convert)

- Don't worry, Steven Seagal's just getting warmed up. (Cage Potato)

- Palhares vs. Ferreira targeted for UFC: Rio. (Low Kick)

- Does Bisping deserve shot at Anderson Silva? (Bleacher Report)

- Spending the day with the Pacquiao circus. (Sports Illustrated)

- Danny Downes not interested in playing it safe. (Five Ounces of Pain)

- How hurt is too hurt? (The Score)

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