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Ramsey Nijem Calls Lew Polley an 'Arrogant Jerk,' Criticizes GSP

The first five episodes of Season 13 of The Ultimate Fighter featured fights that were generally not very compelling. Episode 6 changed things. With two exciting fights that both ended in the first round, Episode 6 provided the best fights of the season so far.

In this week's interview with Ultimate Fighter cast member Ramsey Nijem, we got his thoughts on being in the gym to see the two fights live. We also got Nijem's opinion of his coach, Junior dos Santos, kicking Lew Polley off the team, and on the UFC 129 main event, which saw Nijem's training partner Jake Shields lose to Georges St. Pierre.

The full interview is below.

Michael David Smith: Tony Ferguson knocked out Justin Edwards with an upkick in the first round in what I thought was the best fight on the show so far. What was your reaction to that fight?
Yeah, that was probably the most exciting fight so far. It was fun to watch and to be there to see it, even though I was disappointed because Justin is my teammate.

In the second fight of the show, Zach Davis submitted Chuck O'Neil with a triangle in the first round. That made it four wins for your team and three wins for Team Lesnar. Did you guys take pride in that?
We knew it would be four and three before the wild card fight and we wanted to prove we were the better team, but it's still an individual sport. Ideally we were hoping it would be an even number of guys on our team and their team so we wouldn't have to fight our teammates in the second round of the show.

The wild card choice was Javier Torres vs. Chuck O'Neil. Did you think those two guys deserved it?
I wanted Justin Edwards to get it but unfortunately he was suspended because of his concussion. I was surprised to see that not everyone really seemed like they wanted the wild card when they were talking to Dana White and the coaches.

Before the fights got started, we saw Junior dos Santos kick one of the assistant coaches, Lew Polley, off the team. Did you agree with that decision?
I was glad -- that was a long time coming. I didn't have too many personal run-ins with Lew but he's just kind of an arrogant jerk. He thinks his way is the best way and I also thought he didn't give us the best advice for fighting. Lew said something about how Junior didn't like him because he's not Brazilian but that's not true. Junior is one of the nicest guys ever. None of us are Brazilian and he treated all of us fine because we're not jerks. Lew got his 15 minutes of fame, I guess.

Junior and Lew never really seemed to see eye to eye. Do you know how it came to be that Lew was on Junior's team?
I think they just needed a wrestling coach and Lew happened to be at the right place at the right time. I'm sure Lew told Junior that he'd be a good assistant. But I think Junior should have kicked him off the team sooner.

Last week we talked about your training partner, Jake Shields. Were you disappointed with his loss to Georges St Pierre?
It was frustrating because obviously I was rooting for Shields. I do think he shut up the people who thought he was going to get killed by GSP, he actually hurt GSP worse than everyone thought, but he didn't execute his game plan. GSP did just enough to win, but I was proud of Jake.

Are you one of the people who's getting tired of GSP's fighting style because he doesn't finish?
It's not just that he doesn't finish, he's not even really making an attempt to finish. He's an amazing athlete, but he's not a killer. I love Chuck Liddell because he was always looking for the knockout and willing to take risks to get it. MMA's a sport, but it's also a fight -- you're not trying to score points, you're trying to win a fight. GSP's a great sportsman but maybe not as much of a fighter.

(Editor's note: Ramsey Nijem will join us each week during Season 13 of The Ultimate Fighter to share his thoughts on that week's episode. Follow Ramsey on Twitter @RamseyNijem.)

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