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UFC 129: Vladimir Matyushenko Knocks Out Jason Brilz in 20 Seconds

Vladimir Matyushenko defeated Jason Brilz at UFC 129.Jason Brilz waited 11 months to return to the Octagon after losing a razor-close split decision in his last bout. This time he lasted just 20 seconds before Vladimir Matyushenko knocked him out at UFC 129.

Brilz had gained a great deal of attention from UFC fans for the way he handled that tough decision loss to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira in that bout in May of 2009, but this time around he simply had no answer for Matyushenko, who came out like a buzz saw from the start.

Matyushenko landed a right hand to Brilz's chin, followed by a left hand that sent Brilz backward to the canvas, and then three more right hands on the ground before Brilz went out.

Although Brilz complained about the stoppage afterward, he was definitely out, and referee Dan Miragliotta did the right thing to protect Brilz from taking any more damage. The loss drops Brilz to 18-4-1 in his MMA career.

For Matyushenko, the victory is his most significant in the UFC since he beat Pedro Rizzo at UFC 41 in 2003. Matyushenko is now 25-5 in his MMA career, and at age 40 he's showing that he has plenty of fight left in him.

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