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UFC 129 Live Blog: Mark Bocek vs. Ben Henderson Updates

Mark Bocek vs. Ben Henderson is a fight on the UFC 129 main card.TORONTO -- This is the UFC 129 live blog for Mark Bocek vs. Ben Henderson, a lightweight bout on tonight's pay-per-view at the Rogers Centre.

Bocek (9-3) last competed in December, submitting BJJ black belt Dustin Hazelett with a triangle choke. Henderson (12-2) is a former WEC lightweight champion making his UFC debut. At the final WEC event last December, Henderson lost his title to Anthony Pettis.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Chess match early as they jockey for position against the fence. Bocek wants it on the ground, Henderson probably doesn't. After a stalemate, ref Yves Lavigne splits them up. Bocek scores with a right hand. Henderson works some leg kicks and jabs from the outside. Bocek wades in and eats a right cross and leg kick before moving back. Bocek works the single leg for a takedown. Henderson hops around on one leg for a while, but Bocek kicks it out and Henderson goes down with 1:00 left. Henderson with some elbows from the bottom as time ticks away. Bocek never advanced position or landed anything. MMA Fighting scores it for Henderson 10-9.

Round 2: Henderson fires off a three-punch combo, landing a pair but in his haste, Bocek ducks low and drives into his legs. Bocek gets the takedown, but Henderson swiftly works his way to his feet. Henderson drives Bocek torwards the cage where he delivers knees to the legs. Lavigne breaks it up. Henderson uses a leg kick, then takes Bocek down off a scramble. Bocek immediately hunts a triangle, but Henderson wiggles free. Henderson lands right hands from the top. Bocek threatens a submission by grabbing Henderson's leg, and Henderson gets up. 1:30 left. Bocek works a guillotine, Henderson is positioned to defend though. Bocek holds on to it even as they get back to their feet. Henderson pulls free and on their feet rocks Bocek with a series of punches, elbows and a knee as Bocek ducks low. The knee cut Bocek open. Henderson 10-9.

Round 3: Bocek gets an early takedown. A lot of time to work from the top. Henderson tries an arm bar, and as Bocek pulls his arms free, Henderson rolls away and ends up on top. Henderson looks for ground and pound. He leaves too much space and Bocek works out. He jumps on Henderson's back, but Henderson shucks him loose. Henderson gets a Thai plum and scores with knees to the body. A left hand then comes behind it. Bocek digs for a takedown with :40 left but he's going to have to get busy quickly. Henderson gets up and lands hard strikes as the round ends. 10-9 Henderson.

Winner: Ben Henderson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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