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Anderson Silva: Chael Sonnen Doesn't Respect Anyone

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva still has no explanation for the controversial and outspoken Chael Sonnen's behavior leading up to their title fight at UFC 117 last August.

"Chael disrespected me, disrespected all of the fans in MMA, Chael disrespected my people in Brazil. Chael no respect nothing," Silva said Monday on The MMA Hour in a rare interview in English without manager Ed Soares as his translator. "I don't know what happened with Chael, but he's a good fighter. Maybe I don't look at Chael as a bad guy, but sometimes Chael has a problem with the fight. He has no control. I don't know. This is Chael's problem."

Sonnen trash-talked his way to a fight against Silva and nearly won the fight, if not for a triangle choke/armbar combination Silva pulled off with three minutes and 10 seconds left in the fifth and final round. Out of all eight of Silva's title defenses, Sonnen presented the most difficult challenge. Still, Silva doesn't think a rematch with Sonnen is necessary.

"I fought Chael for five rounds. Chael no win. I don't go more to fight for Chael," Silva said. "I don't care that Sonnen [wants] another chance for the belt, that's just my opinion."

Although Silva isn't interested in another go-around with Sonnen, the fight remains a possibility if UFC president Dana White presents Sonnen if Silva defeats Yushin Okami at UFC 134 in August.

"This is not [Silva's] final decision here. He just feels [Chael] is not deserving of another shot," Silva's translator cleared up.

Silva has been a victor in his last 14 fights and his last loss was over five years ago in a disqualification due to an illegal upkick against Okami. As for his potential opponents after Okami, Silva wouldn't name names.

"I don't know. This is Dana's decision. This is not my decision," Silva said. "I'm back [fighting] for my academy, I'm back for my friend, I fight for all the guys. [Whoever Dana puts in front of me], I'm going to fight."

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