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Nevada Not Planning on Providing Monitors for Judges Any Time Soon

If you're one of those who believe that providing monitors for each judge during a fight would help eliminate bad decisions in MMA, you're not alone.

Unfortunately, Nevada, who has often been viewed as a trendsetter when it comes to implementing changes in MMA, has no immediate plans to provide individual monitors to each judge scoring MMA bouts.

Keith Kizer, the NSAC's executive director, told MMA Fighting on Tuesday that the state would not add cageside monitors for judges any time soon.

When asked if he would be open to the idea if a promoter, say, the UFC, asked for it, Kizer simply replied, "Maybe."

"A promoter can petition (to allow judges to have personal monitors,) and we'd put it on the agenda," Kizer told MMA Fighting. "The UFC is well aware of the process but has chosen not to ask in the past."

Cageside monitors were present by the judges seats at the TUF 11 Finale in Las Vegas in June, but Kizer unplugged them before the event.

According to the UFC, California is the only state to ever provide monitors for judges while scoring MMA bouts.

Kizer has said on numerous occasions that one of the main reasons reason why he hasn't placed monitors by the judges during a fight is because he likes the fact that the officials, who are positioned in different locations around the cage, have different vantage points during the bout.

That is certainly valid, but what happens when the fighters are battling on the ground at the other end of the cage or ring? Wouldn't it be helpful to place a monitor by the judges' side as a backup viewing option? How could it hurt?

The next major MMA event in Nevada in UFC 130 on May 28.

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