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Rashad Evans Decides Against Training at One Specific Gym for Jon Jones Fight

Instead of joining a new camp, Rashad Evans has decided to train in several different locations in preparation for his light heavyweight title fight against Jon Jones.

Glenn Robinson, Evans manager at Authentic Sports Management, confirmed with MMA Fighting on Wednesday that "Suga" is "not going to train at one specific place" for the Jones fight.

"(Evans) is going to do a private training camp headed by Coach (Mike) Van Arsdale," Robinson said.

Robinson added that Evans' camp will officially kick off in "a couple of weeks," while the light heavyweight showdown between the former training partners is still scheduled to take place in late September or early October.

While all the details surrounding Evans' training camp are still not finalized, here is what Robinson was able to share:

Evans will work with Van Arsdale in Arizona, he will spend time in South Florida at Imperial Athletics with fighters like Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva and he will also train "up north" in either New York or Montreal.

While Evans already announced that he will no longer be training at Greg Jackson's camp in New Mexico -- Jones' current gym -- Robinson was able to confirm that his client will not be training at the Grudge Training Center in Colorado, which is affiliated with Jackson's, either for this fight.

Van Arsdale, a former UFC fighter, will serve as Evans' unofficial head coach. The duo have been working together for several years, and Van Arsdale was an assistant coach when Evans was a coach on the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter.

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