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Scott Coker: Nothing Stopping UFC vs. Strikeforce Fights from Happening

SAN DIEGO – Good news for fight fans who are eager to see the best from Strikeforce take on the best from the UFC now that Zuffa owns both promotions: there's nothing stopping it from happening. It's only a matter of who and when.

At least, that's the story according to Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker, who seemed as anxious to see some cross-promotional dream fights as anyone after Saturday night's Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley event.

"I think, you know what? Let the Strikeforce guys fight the UFC guys," Coker said. "I'd love to see it. To me, Alistair Overeem versus Cain Velasquez? Let's do it. Or Fedor fighting Brock Lesnar. ...There's nothing to say these guys can't fight each other."

According to Coker, the contracts in place aren't standing in the way, nor is Strikeforce's relationship with Showtime. As for whether these cross-promotional fights will take place on a UFC pay-per-view or on Showtime, however, is still "something that we'll have to work out," he said.

Yet Coker's vision for the future involves frequent such fights, and he doesn't see any reason why it can't happen sooner rather than later under the Zuffa banner, once all the details are worked out.

"I love Strikeforce and I want to see it continue for many years, and I'm going to work my ass off to make sure it's profitable," he said. "...This roster that we've built at Strikeforce is unbelievable, and everybody knows that. We're going to continue to put these great fights on, and we have the fighters to do that. But to me, why can't you build the AFC and the NFC and let's do a Super Bowl fight? That's what I'd like to see."

As for an exact date for the first such fight, Coker pointed out that the ink was barely dry on the Strikeforce purchase, and it would still take some time to figure out how things will work between the two MMA promotions. At the same time, he said, when the fans make their desire for these fights known, that's when they'll see them.

"I think when the fans demand it, that's when those fights will happen. ...We have a great relationship with Showtime, and I think that the fighters you see on Showtime will continue fighting on Showtime, but at some point, I think, you know, let's get it on."

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