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Strikeforce Live Blog: Gegard Mousasi vs. Keith Jardine Updates

SAN DIEGO --This is the Strikeforce live blog for Gegard Mousasi vs. Keith Jardine, a light heavyweight bout on tonight's Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley event at the Valley View Casino Center.

The last time Mousasi (30-3-1) fought for Strikeforce was a year ago when he lost his light heavyweight title to Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal. He fought twice more in 2010 and picked up submission wins over Jake O'Brien and Tatsuya Mizuno. Jardine (17-9-1), who won his last two fights on smaller programs, is stepping in for the injured Mike Kyle.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Jardine paws with the jab and whiffs on a leg kick to start the fight. Mousasi stays calm, while Jardine looks a little frantic. Brief takedown from Jardine, but they're back up almost immediately. Mousasi moves into the clinch and looks to knee the body while Jardine peppers his face with short punches. Jardine tries for a single-leg, then switches to a double and puts Mousasi on the mat. Mousasi turns and gives his back while looking for a kimura. He gets to his feet, only to be put back down by Jardine. Mousasi gets back up and Jardine takes a big, deep breath. Mousasi goes to work with stinging punches that have Jardine reeling. Mousasi keeps the pressure on, but a takedown saves Jardine. He's working out of Mousasi's open guard and eats an illegal upkick right on the jaw while his knees are down. The ref pauses the action and takes a point from Mousasi. They touch gloves after the restart and Jardine looks to be fully recovered. A hook from Mousasi makes Jardine go wobbly in the final minute. They end the round with Jardine just looking to survive. MMA Fighting scores the round 9-9 after the point deduction.

Round 2: Mousasi sticks Jardine with a jab, and Jardine responds with a leg kick. Hard straight punch from Mousasi and Jardine tries for a takedown, nearly getting himself guillotined in the process. Jardine is bleeding from nose now, and Mousasi is on the attack. Jardine is circling away from Mousasi, clearly wary of the hooks that keep catching him. He tries for a takedown but can't get anything started. Mousasi throws a telegraphed right and Jardine ducks under for the takedown. Mousasi briefly stops it with help from the fence, but Jardine stays after him and gets him down, however briefly. Jardine's face is a bloody mess now, and Mousasi is picking away at him. Jardine drops for a double-leg and gets it. Again though, all he can do is briefly hold Mousasi down. Back on their feet in the final ten seconds, Jardine attempts a kick and tries to stay out of Mousasi's range. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Mousasi.

Round 3: They tie up early in the round and Mousasi lands a knee that may have been below the belt. The ref stops it to give him a moment to recover, but Jardine doesn't take more than thirty seconds or so before jumping back into the fray. Jardine tries for a takedown, but gets stuck in the clinch and eventually gives it up. Mousasi responds right away with a takedown of his own, then locks up a guillotine as Jardine tries to scramble. It looks tight, but Jardine slips out. The blood may have actually helped him there. Another takedown for Mousasi. He gets mount and lands a couple good rights. Jardine rolls and gives up his back before getting back to his feet. Mousasi goes after the bloodied Jardine hard, but the ref pauses to replace Jardine's mouthpiece. Jardine looks exhausted now. Mousasi throws a right and then a head kick that's blocked. Mousasi goes for the takedown and they sink slowly to the mat together. Mousasi does just enough work from the top to prevent a restart. A hail mary armbar from Jardine is stopped easily just before the horn sounds to end the fight. Gritty performance from Jardine, but probably in a losing effort. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Mousasi.

Gegard Mousasi and Keith Jardine fight to a majority draw (28-28, 28-28, and 29-27 for Mousasi)

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