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Nick Diaz Beats Paul Daley in Wild Strikeforce Brawl

Nick Diaz defended his welterweight title against Paul Daley.In one of the best one-round fights in the history of mixed martial arts, Nick Diaz and Paul Daley pummeled each other for just under five minutes of back-and-forth action, with Diaz surviving multiple hard shots from Daley and eventually rocked Daley himself and finished Daley off by technical knockout with only three seconds remaining in the first round.

It was a great main event, and Diaz retained his Strikeforce welterweight title with his 10th consecutive victory.

The fight was an absolute thriller, and one that showed once again just how tough Diaz is: Daley is an incredibly powerful puncher, but Diaz took the best Daley had and answered every time.

Diaz taunted Daley in the early going, sticking his chin out, holding his hands down and practically begging Daley to hit him. Daley obliged, knocked Diaz down and appeared to have Diaz in trouble for a moment in the first minute of the first round, although Diaz recovered nicely.

And once Diaz had recovered, it was his turn to go to town: He battered Daley against the fence, landed some hard shots to the body, and ended up on the ground with Daley inside his guard. That was exactly where Diaz wanted the fight to be, but Daley managed to pull free and get back to his feet, and in the next exchange on the feet it was Daley who landed a hard punch that knocked Diaz down.

But once Diaz recovered, with the California crowd was chanting Diaz's name, and they continued to trade hard punches. Eventually Diaz landed one that sent Daley tumbling to the ground, and Diaz punched and landed a couple more hard punches before referee Big John McCarthy stopped the fight. The stoppage was questionable, although Daley didn't appear to object.

With the win, Diaz improved to 25-7 in his professional MMA career. Daley falls to 27-10-2.

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