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Nick Diaz: Fighting a Teammate Is a 'Disgusting' Thought

<! mediaid=3831001 Jeff Chiu, AP: img align="right" src="" alt="" />Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz doesn't even want to think about having to fight one of his Cesar Gracie teammates.

Diaz said on a teleconference Thursday there is "nothing" that would make him consider fighting a training partner.

"I fight with him today, yesterday in training," Diaz said of teammate Jake Shields, who meets Georges St-Pierre for the title next month at UFC 129. "It's already a done deal."

Before he spoke about Shields, Diaz was asked to comment on Jon Jones having to face Rashad Evans and the hot topic opened the doors for Diaz to deliver another one of his rants, this time something along the lines of a Bizarro World version of Allen Iverson's infamous "Practice" rant.

"[Jones and Evans are] not real training partners though. You don't understand, they're like 10 years apart for one, or something like that. They didn't grow up training together and [Jones] is brand new to the sport," Diaz said. "He's just doing whatever -- they got him so busy making photoshoots and press conferences and conference calls and all that -- I'm missing practice right now being on this. I missing a very serious practice. I got a lot of people right in front of me on the mat right now training and I need my practice. I'm over here on this call and it's simple, stuff like this, that's what they got them doing and they're not focused on who's important to them in life.

"I got training partners and I got what works that got me there. That's my team," Diaz continued. "That's a disgusting thought to have to fight my brother. I don't even appreciate being asked about that."

In January, Diaz made news for complaining on a pre-fight conference call about not making enough money and having to drive a broken down Honda. He inserted the issue of money as well to the fighting teammates discussion.

"And they don't even pay me close to enough money to think about that sort of thing," Diaz said. "They pay me way too much money but not enough as far as I'm concerned."

Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez, another one of Diaz's teammates, was also on the call and touched on the tight-knit relationships the core members of the Cesar Gracie camp share.

"It's more than training partners, we're a family," Melendez said. "Someone like Nick, Nate and Jake, they've all helped me become the fighter I am. How am I going to use these skills that they taught me against them? We help each other get better. It's just not right."

If it came down to it, Melendez would take less money rather than face one of his teammates.

"And if you're turning around and offering me $10 million dollars to fight my boys then I'm sure someone will turn around an offer me $8 million somebody else. I'll definitely take a pay cut or whatnot."