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Bobby Lashley, Phil Baroni, Aaron Rosa Win at Titan Fighting

Former pro wrestling star Bobby Lashley stepped back into the mixed martial arts cage Friday night for the Titan Fighting promotion, and the good news is he won.

The bad news is that he showed that he's still the one-dimensional fighter with absolutely no cardiovascular endurance that he's always been.

"It was not as good as I wanted," Lashley said afterward. "But it was a victory."

Despite having a weight advantage of about 40 pounds, Lashley just barely held on to beat John Ott by unanimous decision. Lashley picked Ott up and slammed him down at the start of the fight, and he nearly finished Ott with ground and pound. But Lashley was totally exhausted after a dominant first round, and by the start of the third round Lashley was so tired that he could hardly even stand up as Ott flailed away at him. Lashley managed to get a takedown midway through the third round, however, and stayed on top of Ott until the final bell sounded. The three judges scored the bout 29-27, 29-27 and 30-27 for Lashley, but the crowd was unimpressed with Lashley and cheering for Ott by the end.

In other Titan Fighting action:

-- As he so often is, Phil Baroni was involved in a sloppy mess of a fight, beating Nick Nolte (no relation to the actor) in an unimpressive unanimous decision. "I was really tired in the third round -- I was really tired in the second," Baroni admitted afterward. The fans in Kansas City booed Baroni afterward, and he deserved to be booed: He didn't look good.

-- After a dull first round, Aaron Rosa turned in a sensational second-round submission win over Abe Wagner. Rosa leveled Wagner with a huge left hook to the chin, then jumped on him on the ground and finished him with a rear-naked choke. It was a very good performance from Rosa.

-- Anthony Gutierrez used a nifty triangle choke to force Jon Hollis to tap in the first round.

-- WEC veteran James Krause beat Nathan Schut by first-round TKO, knocking Schut down with a vicious kick right across the jawline and then finishing him with a few punches on the ground.

-- In an action-packed 15-minute brawl, Alonzo Martinez did enough in the first and second rounds to eke out a majority decision over Aaron Derrow, despite Derrow absolutely dominated Martinez in the third round. One judge gave Derrow a 10-8 round in the third and scored the fight 28-28, but two judges scored it 29-28 for Martinez.

-- Eric Marriott won an easy unanimous decision victory over Willian De Souza, 30-27 on all three judges' cards. It was a solid showing for Marriott, if a bit disappointing that he couldn't finish an obviously inferior opponent.