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Cung Le to Meet With Strikeforce Next Week, Discuss Fighting Future

Cung Le has been less and less visible in the MMA world over recent months. He's fought just twice in the last three years, splitting a pair of memorable matches with Scott Smith.

Le was a building block of Strikeforce's early success, but these days, fans are more likely to ask if he's retired rather than who he might be fighting next. Though we haven't seen him in the cage since a June 2010 win over the aforementioned Smith, he hasn't just been sitting around getting out of shape. In fact, he's been quite busy making movies in both the U.S. and Hong Kong.

Whether or not the 38-year-old returns to compete under the Strikeforce banner remains to be seen, but company CEO Scott Coker told MMA Fighting that he plans to talk to Le in the coming days and find out just what his fighting future holds, or if he has one at all.

"Now that he's back from Hong Kong an China, we're scheduled to talk next week," he said. "If Cung wants to fight, the invitation will be there. Hopefully he'll want to continue because he's an amazing athlete and fighter. He's been one of the pillars of Strikeforce in building this company. I certainly hope he continues to fight."

Le (7-1) currently has three movies in various stages of production: "Dragon Eyes," with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Peter Weller; "The Man with the Iron Fists," with Russell Crowe; and "The Grandmasters," with Ziyi Zhang. In "Dragon Eyes," Le has the starring role in a film overseen by legendary Hollywood producer Joel Silver. It's all part of a booming new career for the flashy kickboxer turned mixed martial artist.

That busy schedule doesn't seem to leave much room for the grind of a 6-to-8 week fight camp, but Coker is hopeful that Le will come back into the fold for at least one more match.

"He's doing very well with the Hong Kong and Chinese film markets, as well as some projects in America," he said. "So it's a scheduling thing. It's going to be something that could happen. He'll have to determine if he wants to, and if he has the time."