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Dana White: Brock Lesnar Is UFC's Most Underrated Fighter

Brock Lesnar A lot of mixed martial arts fans think Brock Lesnar is overrated: He lost his first UFC fight in 90 seconds, got fast-tracked to a title shot because of his pro wrestling fame, beat a man he outweighed by 50 pounds to win the title, then crumpled when someone finally hit him in the face and lost his title to Cain Velasquez.

UFC President Dana White has heard those comments. But he says that viewpoint is actually an example of Lesnar being underrated. In fact, White calls Lesnar the most underrated fighter in the UFC.

In a live chat with the Seattle Times to promote Saturday night's Fight Night in Seattle, White was asked to name the most underrated fighter, and Lesnar was the man he picked.

"I don't think people give him enough credit for how good he really is and what he has accomplished," White said.

It sounds a little crazy at first to think that a guy who has been perhaps the most hyped-up fighter in UFC history could also be the sport's most underrated fighter, but there may be some truth to what White is saying. Lesnar is, after all, one of the two or three best heavyweights in the sport, and yet in the months since Lesnar's loss to Velasquez, there has been a steady stream of fans who question whether he even belongs in the cage at all, and who think he ought to return to wrestling and leave MMA to guys who can take a punch.

So Lesnar may have gone from overrated to underrated in just a few months. In three months, he'll get a chance to prove against Junior dos Santos that all the people who questioned his abilities inside the cage have been underrating him.