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Anderson Silva 'Very Happy' at 185, Thinks Jon Jones Is 'Amazing'

It didn't take long after Jon Jones won the UFC light heavyweight championship for everyone in the MMA world -- right up to UFC Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta -- to start clamoring for a superfight between Jones and UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. asked Silva what he thinks, and the UFC's oldest champion said he's in awe of the UFC's youngest champion. But he didn't sound all that interested in moving up to light heavyweight.

"Jon Jones? I don't know, amazing," Silva said. "This is very new for Jon Jones. Jon Jones will get more fights, more experience, more techniques. My opinion of Jon Jones? The best in his category. Champion for a long time."

Asked if he wants a crack at Jones himself, though, Silva seemed to confirm what has been reported recently, which is that he'd rather stay at 185 pounds than fight outside his weight class.

"I don't know," Silva said. "I'm very happy in my category. I have my problems in my category. I'm very happy with my work in my category, my team. This is my category. I don't have plans for up or down. I'm very happy."

So with Silva not wanting to move up to 205 and Georges St. Pierre not wanting to move up to 185, we may all have to content ourselves with Silva fighting Yushin Okami, rather than taking on a fellow champion.