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UFC 128: Nate Marquardt Beats Dan Miller by Unanimous Decision

Nate Marquardt punches Dan Miller at UFC 128.Nate Marquardt thoroughly dominated Dan Miller Saturday at UFC 128, winning a lopsided unanimous decision in a fight that left the crowd sounding bored.

All three judges scored the round 30-27 for Marquardt, and that was the only score they could have given: Miller did cut up Marquardt's lip and go for a couple of guillotine chokes, but Marquardt controlled all three rounds, and the outcome was never in doubt.

Miller relentlessly tried for a single-leg takedown in the first round, and Marquardt did a good job of defending himself, hopping around on one foot while Miller tried to get him on his back. Eventually Marquardt did go down, but he kept his back against the cage and was able to stay out of trouble. However, after he got back to his feet and slammed Miller to the ground, he was briefly threatened by a Miller guillotine attempt. Once Marquardt pulled free of that guillotine he pretty well controlled the rest of the first round, and he deserved to win it, 10-9.

The second round was very similar: Marquardt controlled most of it, but Miller did threaten him with a guillotine choke at one point. It had to be considered Marquardt's round, even though it wasn't a particularly impressive round -- and even though Miller came closer to finishing the fight than Marquardt did.

Marquardt hit Miller with several right hands early in the third round, bloodying Miller's left eye. Miller went for a takedown but Marquardt sprawled and ended up on top of Miller on the ground, and he controlled the rest of the fight from the top, raining down punches on Miller, who had no answer. It was a definitive win for Marquardt, but not a great fight.

The win improved Marquardt to 31-10-2 in his MMA career. Miller falls to 13-5.