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UFC 128: Luiz Cane Destroys Eliot Marshall

Luiz Cane defeats Eliot Marshall at UFC 128.Luiz Cane absolutely obliterated Eliot Marshall Saturday night at UFC 128, drilling him with a couple of big punches standing up in the early going and then finishing him off with dozens of punches on the ground.

Cane showed that he's just a much better striker than Marshall, who never had much of a chance: Cane has power and accuracy with his punches, and Marshall doesn't have much of anything in the stand-up for a striker of Cane's caliber.

The victory improved Cane's professional MMA record to 11-3, including nine wins by knockout or TKO. Cane had lost two straight fights, but he showed against Marshall that he's back in a big way.

"I wanted this so bad," Cane said afterward. "I trained so much for this fight. I lost two fights in a row but I came back to my team and we worked for eight months straight, and this is the result."

Marshall, who falls to 10-3, was brought back to the UFC just for this fight, and he could be out of work after his disappointing performance against Cane.