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UFC 128 Live Blog: Jim Miller vs. Kamal Shalorus Updates

Jim Miller takes on Kamal Shalorus at UFC 128.NEWARK, NJ -- This is the UFC 128 live blog for Jim Miller vs. Kamal Shalorus, a lightweight bout on tonight's UFC 128 pay-per-view from the Prudential Center.

Jim Miller (19-2), the younger brother of Dan, is on a six-fight win streak. Shalorus (7-0-2) is making his UFC debut after going 3-0-1 in the WEC.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Heavy body kick from Miller coming out. Shalorus flurries, Miller fires back, and each lands in the exchange. Big uppercut from Shalorus just misses its mark. Nice right hook by Miller lands on the head. Shalorus throws a wild left, Miller counters with a right, then a knee to the face. Miller moments later with a left hand and head kick that slaps Shalorus. Miller tried to jump into a guillotine but Shalorus was out instantly and on top. Shalorus couldn't do a thing on top, and the ref restarted them. Miller landed a right hook, then a left hand. His punches are much straighter. He added a kick to the body as the round ran out. Miller, 10-9.

Round 2: Shalorus tried a takedown and Miller jumped right into a triangle. Shalorus pulled out and didn't want any part of the ground game. Back to their feet. Miller took Shalorus down and immediately got his back, looking for the choke. he got the body triangle with three minutes left. Cat and mouse on the ground as Miller kept trying to sink his arm under Shalorus' neck and Shalorus kept stopping him. Miller threw a couple punches from the back, then tried the choke again. Shalorus made it out of the round, but Miller took it 10-9.

Round 3: Miller controlling the standup early. A straight left, then a knee to the body for the southpaw. Shalorus' punches are wide and he sees them coming. Big left uppercut for Miller rocks Shalorus, then a knee to the head. Shalorus in big trouble, and Miller finishes him with ground and pound.

Winner: Jim Miller via TKO, Rd. 3 (2:15)

That's seven wins in a row for Miller. Joe Rogan asks him, "Are you looking for a title shot?" Miller replies, "I'm ready."

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